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Videos from 6sense's Wistia project

  • MakingSense of ABM (Account-Based Marketing)6:33

    MakingSense of ABM (Account-Based Marketing)

    ABM is the new, hot trend in marketing that has been building pretty steadily for years. It's based on the simple idea that B2B sellers concentrate sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined..

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  • MakingSense of CDPs (Customer Data Platforms)4:03

    MakingSense of CDPs (Customer Data Platforms)

    What're you looking for in a CDP? Starting from cratch with a stand-alone CDP is not an option, Map customer journeys, personalize communications and close more deals with 6sense's embedded B2B CDP.

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  • MakingSense of Dreamforce Week 20192:32

    MakingSense of Dreamforce Week 2019

    Dreamforce 2019. Do you know where to hide from the tech tuxedos?

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