$40M Series C Funding Announcement with Jason Zintak, President & CEO of 6sense

January 15, 2020

I am extremely proud to announce a major milestone for 6sense. We just raised a Series C investment of $40 million dollars from Insight Partners, a leading venture and growth equity firm with over 500 investments and acquisitions and north of $20 billion dollars in assets under management. 

What impressed me from the start about Insight Partners was how knowledgeable they are about the ABM landscape. Having a large portfolio of high growth companies, Insight Partners knows first-hand the impact that account-based marketing and account-based selling can have on organizations finding and closing new business.

With a firm belief in ABM being the future of marketing and the desire to back a market leader, Insight did a deep dive into 6sense. Researching our market and adjacent Sales and Marketing tech through their own Marketing Center of Excellence. Insight also talked directly with key industry analysts and numerous 6sense customers to understand how 6sense addresses their pain points. There were roughly 300 diligence conversations by the end! 

In the end, Insight Partners concluded that 6sense is “the real deal,” according to Gary Survis and is the ABM Platform company to back and pioneer the ABM space. This is not only an incredible testament to what we’ve achieved at 6sense but is also an inspiring vote of confidence as we close the books on our most successful year ever and launch into 2020 strong.

People often ask, “Why 6sense is doubling in size while other MarTech firms are struggling?”

The answer is simple. At 6sense, we believe the future of marketing automation has AI and Big Data at the core of the MarTech stack. Our strategy has always been to lead in those areas, specifically 6sense’s ability to:

  • Process large amounts of data and deliver actionable insights
  • Segment micro-audiences based on these data insights
  • Uncover anonymous buyer intent and identify accounts
  • Predict which accounts are an Ideal Customer fit, and when they are “in market,” allowing organizations to focus engagement on accounts most likely to buy 

6sense has evolved from delivering predictive scores to providing customers with a robust Account-Based platform for the entire revenue operations team. This is no easy task in such a short time. We are the only true platform in the ABM space and that is why Insight invested in 6sense. We’ve fueled our growth by relentlessly releasing new product features, often driven by our customers input, every single week. Yes, every week!

In the past month alone, 6sense has launched Dynamic Display, Account Retargeting, and Value Metrics just to name a few. This pace of innovation is unprecedented in our category and is at the heart of our customer retention and growth. 

We are well aware that SaaS companies succeed or fail around customer success. Today, it’s table stakes to invest in ensuring customers are using and succeeding with our product, and we’ve done that. At 6sense, we truly believe our success is tied to the success of our customers using the 6sense platform. That is why we’ve invested heavily in developing innovative ways to bring data transparency, which provide visibility for our customers to understand the ROI they are achieving through 6sense.

One of the most impactful things that came from reviewing customer interviews done throughout the Insight due diligence process was the clear message that 6sense customers are realizing tremendous value in the form of closing new logos, bigger deals, and reducing sales cycle times. Our customers are meaningfully engaging with their prospects and customers with the help of 6sense. While we’ve still got plenty work to do, I’m confident in our ability, as a team and as a family, to continue to develop and deliver innovative solutions and real value for our customers going forward. Keeping our customers as the center of all decisions is the 6sense way.

While this investment from Insight Partners is a key milestone and one we’ll celebrate, this investment and vote of confidence from Insight Partners is not the summit for us. This investment is the fuel that will help us climb faster and higher to deliver for our customers and deliver a next-generation revenue platform.

As a part of the Insight portfolio, 6sense will confidently execute our plans to aggressively accelerate our product roadmap, both organically and inorganically, across some key focus areas:

  • Improving orchestration across channels - customers need a better way to orchestrate engagement across multiple channels. We will go beyond the legacy, rules-based systems to deliver true AI based orchestration of tactics.
  • Going beyond email - Email is only one channel that can exploit 6sense intent data. The 6sense platform will continue to improve how customers can utilize intent and predictive data to drive website personalization, content experiences, advertising, conversational marketing and more.
  • Continuing to lead in insights and predictions – 6sense is not just a sales platform. Our insights help to inform the entire revenue team: sales, marketing and customer success.

One final note. Funding is only as good as the partnership. Lucky for us, Insight is an amazing partner. We’ve already tapped into the vast resources within the Insight team along with their portfolio of companies to help us learn and grow together, as we continue to scale our team and product to become the clear market leader!

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Thank You, Insight Partners
Thank You, Insight Partners

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$40M Series C Funding Announcement from Jason Zintak, President & CEO of 6sense
$40M Series C Funding Announcement from Jason Zintak, President & CEO of 6sense

Jason Zintak, President and CEO of 6sense, shares the exciting news! 6sense has received $40 million in Ser...