Uncovering Insights to Optimize your Go-to-Market

Lighting up your dark funnel is the first step towards account-based sales and marketing success, but the rich data uncovered by 6sense opens up many other opportunities to bolster your go-to-market strategy. 

In this session, Ed Breault and Uran Kabashi will describe how Aprimo is using insights from 6sense for everything from reporting their TAM to the board to content development, territory planning, and boosting sales effectiveness. You’ll learn how to leverage the keywords, activity data, and buying team insights to broaden the adoption of 6sense and generate more buy-in across the organization.

The Breakthrough Breakdown:

Aprimo's ABM journey is a comeback story, to say the least After being acquired by a culturally mis-aligned venture capital firm looking to buy up as much MarTech as possible, Aprimo has to start from the ground up after divesting. 

In this session you will learn about:

  • The shift from predictive to prescriptive.
  • Fishing with nets to fishing with spears. Aprimo's inbound was flooded with unqualified leads with low intent, negatively impacting their win rate. Fishing with spears allowed Aprimo to target accounts, utilizing 6sense insights, that fit within their IICP (in-market ideal customer profile).
  • Scaling ABM. By segmented accounts into clusters by grouping industry and solution interest, Aprimo had the ability to utilize multiple channels, varying in personalization, to increase engagement.
  • Humanizing your approach. By utilizing video, Aprimo saw major increases in engagement, especially videos made by BDRs and BDEs. They now embrace the saying "faceless, no more."
  • The Dark Funnel. Getting into accounts earlier gave Aprimo more time to influence their decisions and consequently, win more deals. While 6sense enables businesses to know everything, Ed Breault advises that you may not want to do it all. It is important to respect people's privacy and to know when personalization goes too far.
  • BDRs are a BFD. 6sense knows it and Aprimo does too. BDRs drive results and their influence over deals should not be taken for granted.


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