Top Display Campaigns and Ad Trends of the Year

Display campaigns are a core pillar of most ABM programs, but what’s the best way to leverage display – and how should success be measured?

In this session, Michael George and Jeff Siegel will review the top trends in ABM display, explain what they mean to marketers looking to leverage display more effectively, and discuss the display metrics that matter most. They’ll also showcase the top display campaigns of the year run through the 6sense platform and talk about the elements that helped them achieve best-in-class performance.

The Breakthrough Breakdown

Attention! ABM display is not all about click-through rates (CTR)! In order to see the big picture, we must shift our focus from ABM display to ABM awareness. In this session, Michael and Jeff break down some misconceptions about the success of display campaigns and highlight a few who did outstanding in driving engagement.

Michael and Jeff will discuss:

  • Key metrics. CTR is not the only indicator of a good campaign. There are two metrics you should keep in mind: engagement rate and impact rate. Engagement means when an account views your display ad and engages with your business on another channel. Impact means when an account increases their engagement after viewing your ad. These metrics provide a holistic view into how ABM display drives account awareness.
  • Top display campaigns. Duosecurity, Fortinet and Motorola Solutions all ran extremely well-thought out campaigns that drastically increased engagement and impact rates. While these campaigns may not have experience insane CTRs, they drove traffic and increased brand awareness.
  • Moment-in-time campaigns. While these campaigns increased awareness, they were primarily focused on driving traffic to a particular event or webinar that happens at one place, at one time. In this case, it is important to analyze CTRs since these ads hope to encourage users to register and attend. Sage Intacct, QAD and PGi all saw amazing results, doubling the national CTR average of .05%. Quorom, an honorable mention, did not achieve the same level of CTR but generated $700K in net-new pipeline from a campaign.
  • ABM Framework. Jeff highlights the marriage between a journey-aligned approach supported by strategic programs. It is important to tailor your display messaging based on 6sense buying stage segments in order to influence effectively and motivate users to take further action.


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