The Power of Personalization

We all know that B2B buyers are anonymous, fragmented, and resistant, yet increasingly expect a B2C-like experience when they interact with your brand during a buying cycle. In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage account-based personalization across channels – and where to focus your efforts to get the most impact. Panelists will discuss the role of fine-tuning 6sense segments, channel effectiveness by stage of the buying cycle, and key components of the marketing tech stack to supplement the data and insights delivered by 6sense.

The Breakthrough Breakdown

When it comes to personalization, people often have no idea where to start or how to scale. We sat down with a few experts to discuss the power of personalization and where to focus your efforts in order to see results.

In this session, you'll hear about:

  • Reducing buyer friction. You may serve up some amazing content but your gating strategy is not working. Prospects aren't abandoning your content, they're abandoning your form to stay anonymous. By reducing forms to either one field that collects a business email or eliminating them all together, you will reduce buyer friction and increase conversions. Hushly, a content experience platform, uses a minimalistic form approach that extracts information from the provided email rather than asking the user to fill it in themselves. By automating this process, there is a 51% lift in lead conversions and a 59% lift in lead quality overall.
  • Multi-channel personalization. Personalizing one channel so no longer enough for buyers. You must guide prospects down the journey that they want to take, not you. Utilizing 6sense Insights such as the personalization API, that creates dynamic pages based on account-level data, and display, which creates dynamic displays, have proven to be very successful for the panelists.
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