Best Practices for Prioritization

Effective prospecting is all about prioritizing the accounts and contacts your BDRs and sales teams should work. In this session, you’ll learn how to help your BDRs maximize their time by delivering the insights they need to prioritize their days.

Seth Broekhuizen, Head of Strategic and Account-Based Marketing at Duosecurity, Kay Somers, Director of NA Commercial Marketing at Dell, and Alan Littman, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Agile Frameworks, discuss how to align sales and marketing on inbound and outbound account prioritization, how to deliver the right information to front line teams, and the prospecting results you can achieve with best-in-class account prioritization.

The Breakthrough Breakdown:

Shifting the focus from leads to accounts and contacts is no easy task. In this session, you'll learn about the panelists' best practices for aligning their GTM strategy by prioritizing accounts and driving 6sense adoption at various companies.

The panel will discuss various topics such as:

  • Leveraging 6sense Insights. All of the panelists agreed that 6sense allowed them to hone in on their addressable market, utilizing account fit and intent data to prioritize accounts.
  • Driving 6sense Adoption. A slow roll out is key for driving adoption because it allows your revenue ops team to get comfortable and ask questions when utilizing the 6sense platform. 6sense's customer success team will be holding your hand the whole way and suit our platform to your business' needs. 
  • Dashboards. Panelists discuss their customized dashboards that align with business objectives and provide BDRs with actionable insights. Duosecurity determines whether an account should be a marketing-working or a sales-working account based on activity and engagement metrics within 6sense.
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