Building the ROI (Revenue Orchestration Intelligence) Engine

Tight alignment between sales and marketing is critical to the success of ABM programs. In this session, Saima Rashid will explain how PTC smashed their pipeline goals by developing an aggressive rollout plan, experimenting and failing fast, and focusing on key use cases that established trust and alignment with sales.

She’ll explain how PTC uses dashboards to help sales prioritize for inbound and outbound based on real-time data, how they track metrics, and other use cases they’ve rolled out to maximize value. You’ll also learn how PTC uses 6sense in concert with and Drift to create an end-to-end revenue, orchestration, and intelligence engine.

The Breakthrough Breakdown

Just months after their 6sense launch, PTC has had amazing success. Saima Rashid has developed a few use cases to share that show the results of their 6sense implementation. 

In this presentation you will learn about:

  • The reasons why PTC chose 6sense. PTC was focused on creating a single source of truth with real-time data in attempts to align Marketing and Sales using data as the common language.
  • How PTC scaled ABM using 6sense. There were many factors that led to the scalability such as cross-functional buy ins from multiple departments, agility and prioritization of certain use cases that were outperforming others, and measuring and monitoring performance
  • Outbound prospecting. PTC uses 6sense insights to fuel their outbound efforts and has created "powerhours," where three times a week, BDRs gather and spend the entire hour dialing prospects. BDRs spend time prepping for conversations using 6sense account-level data.
  • Lead scoring and 6QL. PTC ditched their old lead scoring methodologies and started utilizing 6sense-qualified leads. 6sense identified and qualified over 1,000 accounts that their traditional scoring system wouldn't have and generated over $1 million in net-new pipeline.
  • Building the ROI engine. PTC has a triple threat up their sleeve: 6sense, Drift and, which are both partners of 6sense. 6sense's account intelligence, Drift's conversational marketing and's pipeline management abilities have allowed PTC to become smarter and faster with who they are engaging with and deliver them value at every interaction.


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