Building Dynamic Content Experiences

Dynamic, personalized content experiences are critical to capturing and converting high-value prospects, but executing these kinds of campaigns at scale can seem easier said than done.

In this session Hillary Lupo will describe how Fortinet went from launching generic programs to dynamic, personalized, multi-channel campaigns – and how they exceeded conversion benchmarks by 15x without additional resources. You’ll learn how to look at your existing resources through a new lens in order to get started, and also how to think big and take your current content experiences to the next level.

The Breakthrough Breakdown

Delivering engaging content at the right time is hard and Hillary Lupo, Director of ABM at Snowflake, can agree. Hillary breaks down past successes with scaling the ABM program at Fortinet and looks forward to her role at Snowflake.

In this session you'll learn about:

  • Marketing to people, not attributes. As a sales person, you represent a business but you are NOT a business. Stop engaging with prospects as if they are not people as well.
  • Building an ABM program from the ground up. Lupo utilizes 6sense account-level data to power and personalize multiple channels such as display, chat bots and landing pages. 
  • Scaling personalization. The first step is to survey the landscape and understand your ICP. Then, take action and templatize as much as possible around personas, industries and topics. Finally, think forward and scale; automation and a sufficient tech stack is necessary.
  • Integrated ABX. Hillary Lupo refers to ABM as ABX (account-based experience), since it is not just marketing. It is important to maintain brand and experience consistency across channels, with the help of automation.
  • Categorizing content. In order for automation to take its course and make your life a whole lot easier, you must tag content consistently. Whether it be based on personas, topics, products, industries, when creating content, keep the tags in mind! There should always be a primary persona and topic that the content is created for. Don't over tag content with numerous personas and topics. 


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