Boosting BDR Productivity by Killing the Cold Call

According to TOPO’s 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report, best-in-class SDRs generate $415k in pipeline per rep every month. In this session, Ernest Owusu will describe how 6sense’s BDR team increased pipeline production by 50% and broke through the benchmark while also eliminating cold calls and emails.

He’ll share how 6sense’s BDR team is leveraging direct mail and other tactics to warm accounts before calling, how he measures results, and best practices you can begin implementing right away. You’ll learn how to leverage insights from 6sense to prioritize your BDR/SDR team’s work, structure effective cadences, and align SDRs/BDRs with AEs for maximum revenue impact as your pipeline grows.

The Breakthrough Breakdown

At 6sense, we believe that BDRs are a BFD. Despite being the main proponent for driving revenue and pipeline, BDRs are often recent college graduates or people transitioning in their careers. In order to increase sales productivity, BDRs must be given access to education, training and a sufficient tech stack. In this session, Ernest Owusu will break down the steps he takes to motivate his team and how he builds successful cadences.

In this session you'll learn about:

  • T.O.N.E Meetings. Setting the tone for the week to come is an essential part to motivating your team. T.O.N.E stands for Targets, Objectives, New and Execution. During these 30-minute meetings, Ernest has every team member go through T.O.N.E. First, they go over targets and where they currently stand with prospects. Second, they focus on objectives for the following week and a plan of what you're committing to. Third, they share a new tactic or strategy that they tested out the previous week and key takeaways. Lastly, they discuss execution of tasks and ways to hit numbers and quotas.
  • Cadence structure. When building out a cadence, it is important to be intentional. Each cadence should be built out based on a keyword and how it relates to a particular persona. Cadences are refreshed every quarter to remain relevant. Just as Sydney Sloan recommends, BDRs only personalize 20% of the content to include personal details about the account during outreach, the rest is templatized. Ernest mentions that is important to have a multi-channel approach to remain relevant and not bombarding prospects with a billion emails. 6sense utilizes numerous channels such as LinkedIn, email, video and Alyce (direct mail and gifting) to engage prospects.
  • Value cards. Providing value to prospects is essential to intriguing them into booking a meeting. 6sense's Sales and Marketing teams work together to develop value cards that have value statements for each persona based on trending keyword. For example, a VP of Sales researching predictive analytics may be interested in deal acceleration while a CMO may be interested in persona research and development. It is important to know who you are speaking to and what they're interested in so you can deliver them value.


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