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We love hearing how our customers discovered 6sense, what the heck they were doing before 6sense, and how using AI-driven insights and an orchestration platform has changed their sales and marketing strategy and outcomes. We sat down with Tara Corey, VP of Marketing Operations at Qlik, an end-to-end data management and analytics platform built to transform your entire business, to talk about their journey with 6sense. 

When asked what Qlik was doing before taking an ABM approach, Tara explained that they treated all leads the same because they had no way to prioritize. They also had more leads than they had the capacity to process and follow-up on. So Qlik looked to find a solution that would score their leads, allowing them to shift their focus on leveraging those insights to go hunt high intent/high profile accounts.

Scaling with Account Level Scoring and Account Intelligence

Because prioritization was a top need for Qlik, they started with 6sense Predictive Lead Scoring. “When we went through Predictive Lead Modeling, we saw that 35% of our lead volume really converted less than 1% of the time. Those leads that Predictive Lead Scoring deemed A’s and B’s converted 2-3x the average,” said Tara. This insight enabled Qlik to love the right leads. Prioritizing A and B leads and deprioritizing D leads also created better balance across limited resources. With the team now focusing only on the A and B leads, it freed them up to do additional outbound prospecting. In fact, with AI-driven insights, Qlik was able to reduce the team's time and effort spent sorting through and following up on leads by 30-40%. 

“When we went through Predictive Lead Modeling, we saw that 35% of our lead volume really converted less than 1% of the time. Those leads that Predictive Lead Scoring deemed A’s and B’s converted 2-3x the average.”

The ability to not only prioritize but also find new leads and accounts backed up with insights into those accounts drove Tara and her team to 6sense. Since part of their strategy is going after new business - people who are in the analytics market but don’t necessarily know about Qlik and their solutions - enabling her team to be able to target those accounts from a marketing perspective and giving that intelligence to the sales team directly in Salesforce so they can better prospect to those accounts is key. “Using Predictive Lead Scoring has evolved our process to ‘this is the way our business is run now’.” 

With a big push to do sales plays with a joint sales and marketing initiative, it gave Qlik a chance to retain and reinvigorate the sales team. “We want to go after the accounts that are hungry and looking for information NOW. And with 6sense, sales and marketing have the right insights and intelligence to be able to tackle that challenge.” And with 6sense intelligence and orchestration, they are able to answer critical questions like Who’s in our ICP? Which accounts should we focus ABM efforts on? Who’s on the buying team? Which accounts are in-market? Which competitors are in this deal? What is the next best action? 

Combined Power of the Senses

Because Qlik is a data & analytics visualization platform they are able to take 6sense data and bring it into the Qlik application that is used by the sales team, hub team, and marketing, and create a view for them to narrow down their addressable market and accounts. 

For BDR’s, the ability to click on ‘strong profile fit’ and select the buying stage quickly narrows down the set of accounts they should be targeting, taking their list from around 3,000 to the best 200. They can then further pivot off of an industry sector, which narrows that list down even more. It gives BDR’s a focus area to go after and the ability to go deep into those accounts. 

“6sense listens to its customers and adapts the product to fit the customer's needs.” 

Tara explains that users can hyperlink directly from that list of accounts directly to Salesforce. And with the product view that users have in Salesforce, it opens up that black box to show why accounts are scored the way they are and why 6sense says an account is in-market or a good profile fit. On top of that, users get intelligence on the demographic info, keywords being searched, and any other info around behavioral activity and personas that are engaging at that account level.
It is a great marriage between the two products - to be able to take that massive list of leads down to a plan that sales reps can then go attack with confidence. 

A High Touch Customer Success Team

“What’s been great is how we’ve worked with 6sense all throughout the year. 6sense shares product roadmaps of what’s coming and they also provide a form for us to share our user experience and give feedback. We can see that feedback represented in new releases and the product that we use today,” Tara says. “6sense listens to its customers and adapts the product to fit the customer's needs.” 

So what are the next steps for Qlik? Tara says they will be looking to utilize digital media spend via 6sense. They also have a couple of use cases they are going to be pilot testing. Being able to then go back and measure the results and share that success with the sales and marketing team and the organization will allow Tara’s team to further demystify 6sense and how it works, driving higher user adoption and expanding use.   


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