You Can’t Love Every Lead

If ABM has taught us anything it’s that all leads are not created equal. In this session, Tara Corey will describe how Qlik leveraged 6sense, data, and analytics to shift mindsets across sales and marketing from loving every lead (and treating them equally) to loving leads the right way.

She’ll describe how Qlik’s marketing team shifted from volume and ego metrics to customer-focused insights, impact, and experience – and the results created by that shift. You’ll learn how to optimize demand for the highest potential conversions, automate for low priority leads, and build scalable processes that show leads the right level of love.

The Breakthrough Breakdown:

Tara Corey, VP of Global Marketing Operations at Qlik, has taken it upon herself to revolutionize the prospecting process for Qlik since old methods just weren't working.

In this session you'll learn about:

  • Transitioning from a Marketing world to a Measuring world. Decisions moving forward are no longer guesswork and must be data-driven and measurable.
  • Intelligent prospecting. You can't love every lead, especially ones that don't align with your IICP. With 6sense, Qlik was able to prioritize leads based on intent and fit, increasing conversions astronomically among aware and unaware accounts.
  • The Power of the Senses. QlikSense and 6sense work hand-in-hand to give Qlik's sales team a comprehensive view of accounts. It also gave their sales team transparency into lead scoring and account activity.
  • Key Success Factors. Prioritizing accounts and measuring success in order to understand what is working and what is not are vital. Enabling your sales and customer success teams creates enthusiasm and ultimately drives performance. Lastly, celebrate!  


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