Hushly & 6sense To Jointly Deliver Increased Lead Conversions For Users, as seen on Sales Tech Star

January 10, 2020

Hushly, the leading content engagement & lead conversion platform powered by AI, on Tuesday announced that is has extended its relationship with 6sense, the leading Account-Based Orchestration Platform to include a deeper level of content personalization and content recommendations based on 6sense’s ability to deliver company identification, full-funnel insights into buyer behavior, and an accurate prediction of the account’s buying stage.

Lead Generation is of Prime Importance 

85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is their most important content marketing goal. Bringing together a partnership with the leading B2B conversion platform and the leading account-based orchestration platform, any B2B marketer can now operationalize personalization while keeping lead conversions the focus for results.

“Account-Based Sales and Marketing requires rich account insights and the ability to deliver engaging experiences. A critical part of an engaging experience is delivering the right content at the right time. Hushly and 6sense allow marketers and sellers to seamlessly deliver a new level of personalization to customers,” said Latane Conant, CMO of 6sense.

“I’m excited about the partnership and our ongoing collaboration between the two companies,” said James Kessinger, CMO of Hushly. 

“The complementary nature of our technologies really makes this a big win for both of our customers to simplify and scale how b2b companies execute ABM and other content personalization strategies. Together, we have proven to deliver real business results,” he added.

Joint Customers to be Benefitted

Joint customers are already taking advantage of this integration to scale personalization and increase conversions across their marketing campaigns. 

“Hushly and 6Sense together helped us increase our content engagement and more importantly helped us obtain a significant lift in our website conversions. This combination helped us increase opportunities and measurable closed-won business,” said Nick Ezzo, VP of Demand Generation at Sage Intacct. 

“Because of those results we’ve been able to consolidate and refine our marketing tech stack,” he said.

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