Conversational Marketing with Josh Allen, CRO of Drift

Josh Allen, CRO of Drift, is taking traditional marketing (ahem - cold calls, form fills) and turning it on its head with the use of ChatBots. “We’re used to subpar buying experiences. We’re used to filling out a form that goes to some scoring system in a marketing automation tool or CRM and maybe somebody calls you in two days if you scored the right way. Maybe not. Personalization is a really important component of closing that gap in terms of B2B.” 

So how does Drift use chatbots to close that gap? Listen in to find out:

  • What takes a bot from just ok, and makes it GREAT 
  • How bots increase conversion rates
  • Bot Fails (hint - it’s not the bot)
  • CQL - why Chat Qualified Leads are the best leads you can get
  • ChatBots - not just for inbound 

ChatBots create a better, more personalized experience and let sales and marketing know where to start the conversation. As Josh puts it, “If you can show a great customer experience on your website, they will associate that with your brand, what you do, and how they are going to be treated throughout their customer lifetime with you.” 


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