Making Your Marketing Budget Work for You with Chris Walker, CEO of RefineLabs

We sat down with Chris Walker, CEO of RefineLabs, to talk about B2B marketing strategies and what channels are big wastes of money. Three major takeaways from this discussion were thinking outside of the booth, building brand awareness and getting rid of MQLs.

Latane and Chris both agree, relying on booths to drive awareness and pipeline is lazy and cookie cutter; ancillary and satellite events that engage buyers in a more authentic experience are a much better use of resources and spend. 

We also discussed multiple channels used for driving awareness. Chris is an outspoken fan of Facebook because of their low CPMs and ability to target a broad audience. Driving awareness is about becoming a thought leader in the industry and a trusted resource for consumers to learn. By creating binge-able content with a give and no get, this ultimately drives pipeline in the long game. 

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