How Sumo Logic Amps Up Enterprise Sales with 6sense Insights

Sumo Logic, a cloud-based machine data analytics company, has been on a steady growth track for years and recently hit a major milestone — going public on the NASDAQ Stock Market in September 2020. We recently spoke with Steven Fitz, Sumo Logic’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), and Suku Krishnaraj, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to hear how they’ve differentiated themselves in the market. 

A critical piece in their success? The 6sense Account Engagement Platform. “As a user of 6sense,” Steven noted, “it's one of the most effective tools I've seen in my career.”

Sales Adoption

Sumo Logic is part of a large and very competitive SaaS industry — cloud and data analytics providers where the total addressable market (TAM) is huge. Sumo Logic’s differentiating factor is their elevated customer experience and providing a single platform that serves all needs for DevOps and security roles — delivering actionable insights to help with monitoring, troubleshooting, logos, metrics, traces... you name it. With such a competitive market, Sumo Logic knew one of its key differentiators would be aligning its sales and marketing forces. Originally, the team was planning a multi-phased rollout with marketing as its initial use case. However, with collaborative leaders like Steven and Suku spearheading the project, the team quickly decided upon a full revenue team roll-out, with sales and marketing walking in lockstep.

Knowing Where to Fish

When evaluating the 6sense platform, the one-platform-does-it-all approach — as well as 6sense’s actionable insights — resonated with Sumo Logic.

“6sense is our fish finder — with an ocean full of fish, 6sense tells you where to drop the line. If you’re not leveraging this as a seller, you’re missing out on opportunity.” — Steven Fitz, CRO, Sumo Logic

For the enterprise sales team, the 6sense Account Engagement Platform has been instrumental in increasing efficiency. Managing hundreds of accounts isn’t at all easy, so the actionable insights they gain from 6sense help them understand where to spend their time and energy to deliver the most effective results. After seeing great success with the sales team using 6sense, the Sumo Logic Business Development Representatives (BDR) team was next in line to dive into 6sense. Steven shared some insights on their sales adoption experience: 

  • The 6sense signals are critical — no explanation needed — but what matters is that your team understands the value they’re getting from the platform
  • Make sure you articulate to your sales team why the platform is crucial to their day-to-day: 6sense insights guide you to engage with the right people at the right time, at scale
  • Measure, measure, measure: Once adoption is off the ground, continuously track your metrics
  • Create success storyboards: Highlight your teams’ successes, who’s seeing value and share that story with the revenue team — this creates a movement.

Better Together

Steven believes in creating harmony between the sales and marketing organization, and a big part of that is candor. The Sumo Logic revenue team meets weekly to address emergent topics, identify gaps, raise issues and pinpoint resolutions. Although sales and marketing may have distinct roles, they jointly evaluate how they are engaging with prospects across buying stages and if they are seeing the right conversation rates at each step along the way. 6sense has become a key part of this conversation, as Suku states: “What started as a marketing initiative is now the backbone of how we drive pipeline conversion.”

“Today, our data indicates we are significantly more likely to convert accounts that 6sense has identified as in-market,” Suku adds.

“Modern prospecting is about leveraging the right tools and assets out there, and 6sense is a critical part of that stack for our team, with key insights to leverage so you know where to focus your efforts. If you’re not using that, ask yourself why,” says Steven, as he himself spends time in the 6sense platform to see activity in the market as well as identify any missed opportunities. For instance, if an account is in the Decision or Purchase buying stages as indicated by 6sense’s AI-powered predictions, the rep should be actively prospecting to key personas at the account, as well as be aware of any competitors in the evaluation.

Ultimately, his goal when leveraging 6sense is not only to increase pipeline, but also to go one step deeper. He regularly analyzes both wins and losses to gain perspective on both sides so he can help guide sales reps with more robust insight. “You’ve got to take action — sales is about contextual, prescriptive action.

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Minal Awasthi is the Customer Marketing Manager at 6sense. Regularly working with 6sense customers, Minal is responsible for documenting and sharing the success of all of our 6senseis.

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