The Tipalti Sales Team Takes Prospecting to the Next Level with 6sense

Prioritizing your SDRs’ time should always be top-of-mind, as they’re the frontline of your organization. But today’s SDRs can’t possibly keep up with engaging at scale with the level of personalization that is now required — without the help of AI. 

We recently sat down with Tipalti, an end-to-end accounts payable software solution that automates the entire supplier payments operation, to talk about how 6sense has helped transform their SDR team’s efforts, as they use the 6sense Account Engagement platform to massively scale their personalized outreach. With the ability to identify buyer intent signals, both on Tipalti’s site as well as on third-party websites, the Tipalti sales team has taken their prospecting efforts to the next level. 

As a fintech business that provides consolidated accounts payable and remittance automation services, Tipalti targets a combination of industries highly specific to their business. In order to ensure their outreach efforts are highly personalized, they needed more comprehensive data than what was available in their CRM.

Personalization was the biggest challenge for Tipalti because different use cases apply to different industries, each of which has unique needs for their accounts payable processes. They needed a solution that could provide far more insights and help them personalize at scale, based on those insights. 

6sense enabled Tipalti to launch an account-based program where SDRs use predictive insights to hone in on in-market accounts, while marketing pushes accounts down the funnel through targeted display — and they’re leveraging the power of AI to do it all at scale.

Sales is Bought in on 6sense

The Tipalti SDR team leverages 6sense data and insights on a day-to-day basis to map out their actions. Peter Tarrant, ABM Manager at Tipalti, explained how their SDRs prospect by creating account lists that are assigned to them in Salesforce and push them over to 6sense. They now also set up daily Slack and email alerts for sales to stay on top of any and all changes in activity. Though the data is accessible in SFDC, getting real-time updates and going into the 6sense platform has become a standardized practice for the SDR team. This allows them to be much more reactive and up-to-speed with specific account activity; whether it’s visiting the website or researching specific keywords, the SDRs are ready to respond with the proper action and message.

On the Salesforce side, the SDRs heavily tune into the insights provided by 6sense Sales Intelligence when they’re prospecting into a specific account and want to understand how and when key personas within the account are engaging — and where the activity is coming from —  to triangulate the key personas to reach out to. They also use the engagement timeline to analyze any recent spikes in activity, and the intent keywords captured by 6sense enable reps to tailor personalized outreach.

Peter has also built a suggested content matrix for SDRs to refer to when an account is researching a particular keyword. This matrix contains specific pieces of content to send based on the intent keywords being searched, allowing the SDRs to craft personalized messaging according to what their prospects are researching.

“The biggest challenge that 6sense helped us solve was around personalization. With so many different industries that have different needs, being able to have insights into what is being researched to know exactly how to personalize messaging has been a game-changer,” explains Peter. 

The entire Tipalti SDR and sales teams are using 6sense — so much so that getting set up and trained on using 6sense is now part of Tipalti’s sales onboarding process.

6sense Use Cases for Marketing

The Tipalti marketing team also uses 6sense to create stellar display campaigns that Peter mentioned have brought in over $250K in opportunities created in Q1 2020.

With their unique set of audiences, Tipalti splits up their target accounts by accounts payable and digital companies, which have an entirely different payments model. The sales team is split among the two, and they exist as two different segments for display.

All of their accounts payable core accounts get served different display ads and messaging down the funnel depending on where the prospect is in the buying journey: Target, Awareness, Consideration, or Purchase. The same structure is used for their mass pay accounts, but with unique messaging and display ads designed and targeted for that audience.

Another use case for which the Tipalti marketing team uses targeted display is events. Before a specific event, the marketing team begins tracking a set of keywords particular to the event that they might not normally track, and then uses that audience to target and personalize outreach for the upcoming event.

A Day in the Life at Tipalti

Peter works closely with both sales and marketing, and much of what he does is catered around what the sales team needs. He’s in 6sense on a regular basis, coming up with different ways to create segments. There’s several different ways to slice and dice what they know to be their target accounts into different segments based on various intent signals, and they tackle each segment with different messages geared towards different keywords. With the unique set of industries Tipalti targets, they have the ability — and the advantage — to tinker with lots of different segmentations. With 6sense, they have the agility to easily experiment with them all!

Tracking Account-Based Metrics

Recently, Tipalti updated their sales team and territory structure for better alignment. Sales reps were asked to pick their top 100 accounts using 6sense predictions like buying stages and intent scores. Furthermore, the Tipalti marketing team is very involved with building the resources and reporting their sales team needs in order to prioritize their actions. They’ve developed custom reports that weave in 6sense intent data, allowing reps to understand which accounts they should prioritize. For example, one report shows intent scores over 50 with no activity on the account in the last 30 days — a gold mine for sales reps!

Peter went on to explain that 6sense has been especially helpful in allowing for flexible reporting, as 6sense adds a layer of deep insights and illuminates their static CRM data. Layering 6sense data on top of their existing data gives their sales reps a far more detailed view of an account’s actions and where they are in their buying journey. 

The best part for the sales team is the dynamic element of the 6sense data, allowing for both flexible reporting as well as a consistently and automatically updated list of account activity for the sales team to then determine the best actions to follow up with. 

Although Tipalti’s sales and marketing teams were well-aligned prior to 6sense, having a single source of truth in 6sense has strengthened the bond between the two teams. “6sense, and its predictive capabilities in particular, has made things a lot more visual for us. Seeing and having full visibility into the activity has been a big part of our success,” says Peter. He went on to explain that the sales team is proactively using it in their day-to-day efforts, and nobody has to check on the usage metrics because it’s constantly being referenced in daily conversations and meetings!

If it’s a conversation about strategy and building pipeline, the Tipalti team is internally promoting and encouraging one another on the usage of 6sense. Peter puts it simply: “It’s a tool that sales people love, and as a marketer, that’s the best thing you can ask for.” We couldn’t agree more!

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Minal Awasthi is the Customer Marketing Manager at 6sense. Regularly working with 6sense customers, Minal is responsible for documenting and sharing the success of all of our 6senseis.

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