How Aprimo Continues the Upward Trend with New Strategies in Play

We heard from Aprimo in 2019 on their continuous success with the 6sense platform, driving stellar results on the marketing side by powering their account-based initiatives with 6sense data and insights. That year for Aprimo was all about marketing’s success and beginning to introduce their sales team to a tool they believed would be as transformative to their sales function as it had been to their marketing function. 

2020 is the year of sales for Aprimo. 

They’ve not only fully adopted 6sense on the entire sales front, but have also united on the platform as a revenue team and are working in lock-step to continue to deliver consistent, engaging experiences at scale, throughout every step of the buying journey.

From Walking to Running

Aprimo’s evolution with 6sense can be likened to a “walk, then run” approach. In 2019, Aprimo was walking; they were seeing success with 6sense, focusing on sales and marketing alignment, and incorporating intent at the core of their GTM strategies. They were prioritizing not just who was in their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), but who was in their IICP (In-market Ideal Customer Profile). If an account wasn’t showing intent, they weren’t prioritizing their efforts on it. This greatly increased efficiency across the team and brought in larger deals faster than ever before.

Now, in 2020, the Aprimo team is running. Their account selection process is purely driven off of the level of intent a particular account is showing. Ultimately, it always boils down to the question: Is the account in-market? Each Aprimo rep has a top 50 account list, which is all driven by 6sense intent scores; even if an account fits the ICP, it does not get added to an Aprimo AE’s top 50 account list unless the account is showing substantial intent — typically an intent score of 75+. 

The Aprimo sales and marketing teams are now fully aligned on a single source truth as a result of the 6sense platform. Aprimo CMO, Ed Breault, describes it as “the new platform for sales and marketing when it comes to account strategy” and also mentions that it’s now become a common language throughout their sales team. Some of the first questions being asked as sales prioritizes their actions are: What digital signals is the account exhibiting? What level of intent are they showing?

Ed calls 6sense “the unifying dataset between sales and marketing.” From walking in 2019 to running in 2020, he takes a look back at what has brought the Aprimo team to their next level of iteration. He mentions that it has taken changes from all ends — a cultural standpoint, an increased focus on performance and outcome, and a commitment to driving further adoption. The Aprimo team holds bi-monthly “Acceleration Summits” in place of an annual sales kick-off, and a large focus of the Summit is on increasing adoption of 6sense, enhancing current efforts, and brainstorming new ways to empower the Aprimo BDR and AEs further with 6sense insights.

Aprimo has a target audience of enterprise and large enterprise companies starting at $750M in revenue, which are typically composed of large, fragmented buying committees. Selling to these enterprises requires an understanding of the consensus buying approach; there are typically 15-20 people, each with different needs to be addressed, in the buying committee. In order to be successful, the Aprimo sales team must tailor messaging appropriately, speaking to the unique value prop that would resonate with each of the individuals in the buying group. 

Their account mapping process is purely driven off of intent as well. The marketing team works with sales to map out the whole buying committee, using 6sense to understand who is and isn’t engaged, and how they need to then prioritize their efforts and personalize their outreach to engage appropriately each individual in the decision-making process.

Enriching Keyword Specificity

Another area in which the Aprimo team has developed a strong strategy around intent is through dialing into the long-tail keywords of searches. The Aprimo team noticed that while searches were occurring for their solutions, it was imperative that they pinpoint the precision of their search terms by capturing all the different variations in their predictive models. 

For example, the front-end of a search term for Aprimo would be “digital asset management” and the long-tail keywords variations associated with this keyword would include sub-categories like digital asset management “for life sciences” or “for financial services”. So the Aprimo team has focused more on rationalizing the front end, and enriching their predictive models with long-tail variations that their solutions include. 

The more specific the long-tail keyword variations, the more relevant the traffic. Enriching their model through keyword specificity has increased conversions by 18%.

Globalizing Their Intent Models

After successfully executing a go-to-market strategy throughout North America, Aprimo’s next move was going global. And with global expansion comes understanding other markets that are very different from the U.S. Because they were expanding into Europe, the Aprimo team began adding local language keywords into their 6sense predictive model — keywords in UK English, German, French, Italian, Flemish, and Dutch, just to name a few.

But it’s not just about the language; tapping into other markets requires the understanding that different regions have different ways of thinking. The Aprimo team continues to conduct market research in new regions to understand different ways of searching for the same solutions, and are taking the nuances into account as they enrich their predictive models with more globally-searchable terms. This allows them to engage with their in-market accounts at a global scale, as well as capture activity that would have otherwise been lost in the Dark Funnel™ had they not globalized their intent model. Talk about an efficient global marketing engine!

ABM for the Alliance Team

Along with leveraging 6sense for sales and marketing initiatives, Aprimo also leverages 6sense for GTM efforts through their alliance channel. A digital asset management platform like Aprimo needs to be supplemented with a product information management platform (as an example), and so, the company has built a strong partner network, working with third-party technology partners with complementary tech capabilities. 

The Aprimo alliance team works to add value to the partner channel by heavily leveraging 6sense insights to expand sales of Aprimo products. Aprimo taps into 6sense to see that there are intent signals from accounts in certain regions for the partner solutions. Ed mentions this greatly enhances their partner engagement. “The insights and information we [Aprimo] provide for them is amazing and incredibly valuable for them, given that they don’t have these technologies in place. Partnership is giving, in this case, demand insights for mutual revenue opportunities,” he said.

Aprimo saw outstanding success with 6sense in 2019 and is continuing to move onwards and upwards in 2020. And the results speak for themselves! The revenue team has seen a 35% increase in total account engagement score, a 24% pipeline unit increase, and a 28% increase in total conversion.

It’s always exciting to hear how our customers are seeing great results with the 6sense platform. Hearing about a customer who is also truly evolving and taking their experience to the next level with their own creative strategies is icing on the cake. We have full confidence that we’ll be learning about even more new strategies and successes in our next check-in with Aprimo!

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