GAN Integrity Achieves Organizational Alignment With 6sense at the Core

GAN Integrity is an organization that understands consolidation. An all-in-one integrated compliance management solution, GAN Integrity is all about bringing multiple data sources together into a single, integrated platform. When it came down to their initial experiences with an ABM platform, however, it was this very concept with which they found themselves struggling. 

GAN Integrity started their ABM journey by stitching together point solutions that lacked deep account insights, delivered inaccurate data and analytics, and failed to deliver expected results, so the team knew it was time to make a change. 6sense was brought into the picture by an executive who had been a previous customer, and things quickly took a turn for the better. 

Peter Lastowski, GAN Integrity’s Acquisition Marketing and Operations Manager, is responsible for not only demand generation but also revenue operations, so his experience with 6sense has been extensive. He recently shed some light on GAN’s journey to orchestrated account engagement and their team’s 6sense usage from all angles. 

GAN Integrity’s sales, marketing, and product teams are all leveraging the 6sense platform and seeing great success. With the whole team bought in, GAN Integrity is over-the-moon about not just the results they’ve yielded with the account engagement platform, but also the alignment it has created between all teams.

A Full Sales Team Bought in on 6sense

Gone are the days that the GAN Integrity sales team works static target account lists; sales now uses 6sense to create dynamic target account lists, taking into account all changes in behavior/engagement. In fact, Peter himself pulls lists of accounts in the sales reps’ territories and sorts them by 6sense’s predicted buying stages to make sure they’re choosing their accounts wisely — in other words, basing their decisions on 6sense intent data and AI-driven predictions.

GAN Integrity’s BDR team uses 6sense heavily for their prospecting efforts, which are also guided by buying stages. The BDRs begin prospecting accounts in the Decision stage, and their dashboards are composed of Decision and Purchase stage accounts in their respective territories. This is their go-to dashboard each morning, and what they use to prioritize their efforts for the day and week. The BDRs go through their list of accounts, tracking shifts in engagement and how long the accounts are in certain stages. They also sort their accounts into different outreach cadences, which are hyper-targeted because they correlate to specific segments in the 6sense platform based on intent keywords. The data is then pushed into their Salesforce instance, allowing them to automate their outreach and engage with in-market accounts at scale.

It’s been a rapid ramp-up for the GAN BDR team, as they implemented the 6sense platform and grew their BDR team around the same time, but with this came some quick wins. In the last two quarters, reps averaged 82% qualified meetings, 93% of which were booked from Decision and Purchase accounts. Peter says, “With the help of 6sense — all the research, the sales UI, and the actionable insights they obtain from the platform — our sales team has been extremely strategic in their outreach, and it’s all 6sense driven.” 

The Power of Keyword-Based Intent

The GAN Integrity marketing team, similar to their BDR team, also structures their account engagement efforts by predicted buying stages. The team uses 6sense to determine which accounts to target with specific campaigns and activities. For example, accounts in the Awareness and Consideration buying stages get served display ads that point to specific content tracks. 

The way the GAN Integrity marketing team targets their ads is also specific to the intent keywords that accounts are researching, which have been identified through 6sense. With a product that offers six different modules that you can either buy separately or in combination with one another, GAN Integrity is able to personalize their marketing assets — and ultimately, their entire customer experience — by intent keyword and predicted buying stage.

Display ads continue to be served at Decision and Purchase stages by keyword, and coupled with BDR outreach, the ultimate goal is to increase account engagement scores while further educating their potential customers. Important indicators for success on the marketing team are display ad view-through rates (VTRs) by buying stage, increased engagement scores, and the speed with which engaged accounts move through the funnel.

In addition, the marketing team segments their nurture tracks at the Consideration stage by keyword. Peter noted that the content team ensures every piece of the puzzle is targeted — from the subject line, ad creative, messaging, and the corresponding content track, it’s all powered by 6sense intent signals. The team is able to personalize their outreach at scale, engaging with the right buyers at the right time, with the right message.

Exploring New Angles of 6sense Use

A very unique angle in which GAN Integrity also uses 6sense is informing the product team on the demand for new product developments. This is an interesting use case that even caught our attention — learning that our customers are developing new ways to use 6sense is an exciting discovery! 

The GAN Integrity team now has the ability to keep an ear to the ground when it comes to developing their product roadmap, prioritizing what the 6sense platform picks up as surging keywords. With the wide array of offerings the GAN Integrity solution provides, the product team had initially come to Peter for insights on their pipeline as it relates to current offerings. Peter took it one step further, reporting back with insights on what the market is currently searching for and where those accounts are in the buyer journey, and even identified if there was a market for future products on their roadmap. 

Peter broke it down by grouping related keywords in a segment, using 6sense SmartPlays to push the data into custom fields in Salesforce, and then generating individual reports for different models, including the market demand for their future releases.

The product team is now equipped with information like which industries are researching their solutions, firmographic and technographic data around those industries, and what other solutions the market is asking for, which in turn informs their product roadmap and what they need to prioritize next. Peter elaborates: “The team was blown away by the insights they received and 6sense’s ability to uncover this information. We live and breathe by it on the commercial side of the team, and now product is involved in it too!”

Lastly, the account management team uses 6sense to mitigate churn. By being able to see what customers are searching for, the account management team is able to get ahead of the conversation if they see keyword surges for competitive solutions by proactively offering ways to improve the customer experience. 

The GAN Integrity team, as a whole, is always thinking of new ways to use 6sense intent data to prioritize their efforts, continually slicing and dicing the data to make more informed and educated decisions. Peter brought up a good point: Especially during times like the present,  accounts you previously considered to be in your ICP may not have a budget for your solutions now. For this reason, the GAN Integrity team tracks account engagement week-over-week, specifically monitoring changes in account movement from Decision to Purchase stages, as well as any accounts moving backwards or showing decreased engagement. The team takes swift action at every step to ensure that the majority of accounts are progressing forward into the next buying stages, with the appropriate account engagement tactics occurring at each stage.

The GAN Integrity leadership team is fully bought in on 6sense as a result of the successes they’ve seen across all teams. We talk often about revenue team alignment, but this takes it up a notch — to organizational alignment. With sales, marketing, product, and customer success teams all equipped with actionable insights and aligned on a single platform, GAN Integrity’s account engagement approach is unstoppable! 

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Minal Awasthi is the Customer Marketing Manager at 6sense. Regularly working with 6sense customers, Minal is responsible for documenting and sharing the success of all of our 6senseis.

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