Aligning Sales and Marketing with Intent Data: How Motorola Filled the Gap

ABM has become the new “it” factor in today’s B2B sales and marketing strategies. With the advancements in technology, it is not only possible to execute ABM more effectively, but also at scale with the right platform. So Motorola knew they needed to find the right ABM solution to accelerate pipeline and drive more revenue. 

Tony Condi, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing and Operations at Motorola Solutions spearheaded the search. “We were looking for a solution that would integrate with the other technology platforms that we use and that fit well with our business model. And so when we went through the evaluation process with 6sense we looked at a lot of different vendors and had a lot of conversations with them.” Tony’s team was so serious about finding the right solution that they put 6sense and another vendor head-to-head, running a pilot program with both of them and 6sense came out on top as the clear winner. “It gave us a high level of confidence that 6sense was the right solution for us and was going to deliver the solutions that we needed.”

Why's intent data mission critical? Let us break it down for you quick.


We Can Do What Now?

Prior to 6sense, Tony and his team generated a large number of inquiries on an annualized basis. But they wanted to convert more of those leads into sales. In order to do that they needed insights into where accounts were in the buying cycle and what personas were involved and 6sense filled that gap in their technology stack. “My team gets very excited about the options, the modeling, and the use cases that they can do with 6sense. Everything from determining different segments that they can target, whether it be pulling segments from Eloqua or rolling segments out of or simply pulling segments out of known and unknown customers who are out there, to the ability to do proactive nurturing within our Eloqua database as well as finding new contacts to put back into the database.” 

The marketing team is actively creating segments in various verticals in order to identify which companies are in the consideration or buying stage. They then run targeted display campaigns specific to those accounts and the stage they are in. Additionally, they are pulling those accounts that are showing a strong intent to purchase the solutions Motorola offers and delivering them to the sales team so that they know to contact that account. With these intent signals from 6sense, the sales team is able to get into deals before a decision is made while helping the customer find the solution that fits their needs. “We are equipping our salespeople with solid leads from real companies who are actively looking to buy a solution we offer.”  

And being able to prioritize leads with 6sense’s lead scoring guides the marketing call center on which accounts to call on first and put into the nurture track for the various sales teams. Because Motorola has different sales teams, and those teams have different levels of engagement with their customers, having accounts targeted through segments in order to serve them with valuable content and display ads at the right time is very powerful. “Identifying companies who are actively searching for our solution that were previously unknown to us is absolutely tremendous and it gives us the ability to bring those accounts in, create segments, and be more specific and targeted with our marketing towards those companies.”

Sales Get a Piece of the Action

While the marketing team is currently the power user of 6sense, sales leadership is really excited about what the platform can bring to the table – from a lead scoring perspective to an account planning perspective down the road of knowing where their customers may be in that buyer’s journey so that the sales reps are better equipped to reach out to that customer on solutions that the sales team may not know that they’re currently looking at. “We have a very broad portfolio of solutions and we’re acquiring new companies with new solutions, so it allows us to put all of this data and information into the tool and equip our salespeople with potential leads that they can contact at the right point in time.” And marketing can nurture an account along their buyer’s journey to get them further down the funnel prior to the sales team reaching out. 

A Partner, Not Just a Technology

Tony explains that the integration team has been tremendous in supporting Motorola and has made sure that all of their systems are integrated to maximize usage of the platform. “Since the integration, we’ve been very pleased with our decisions simply because the level of service 6sense has provided to us. Anytime you’re deploying a software solution there’s going to be bumps in the road or different things that you have to work through. When we pick up the phone, 6sense responds immediately. In fact, we called with an issue on Monday, they were here on Wednesday, and the team resolved it by that afternoon.” 

For Motorola, the sky’s the limit now that they are using 6sense. “It’s a very exciting time for us. We’re expanding and growing as a company and offering new types of solutions. One of the reasons I get very excited about 6sense is that I’m able to deliver immediate value on new solutions by identifying customers as soon as we put in those keywords.” As Tony puts it, “right now we’re in a walk phase. But we’re going to start running really fast. What we see with 6sense is a much larger tool that goes beyond a simple ABM platform. 6sense makes things easier on my team, making them more effective and able to do more and drive more for the business.

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