Getting a Seat at the Table with Indy Guha - VP Growth Marketing at Signifyd & Senior Advisor at Bain Capital Ventures

In this TalkingSense episode, we pick Indy Guha’s brain on being a Senior Advisor on Bain Capitals board and how that correlates to his role as VP of Growth Marketing at Signifyd.

Listen in as Indy takes us behind the boardroom and discusses:

  • How to get a seat at the boardroom table
  • What makes a good board member
  • What growth marketing means
  • Sales and Marketing alignment
  • Building a Customer Community and why it should be the #1 priority

As a leader in his field, Indy offers up insights that we should all learn from. And if you want to reach high and continue to grow like Indy, don’t be afraid of risk. As he explains, “A lot of the success I’ve had came from being contrarian - taking a risk - but having it being as informed of a risk as you can have it be.”

Also available as a podcast!

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