The Rise of Revenue Operations with Cornelius Willis of Clari

The Revenue Operations Factory

Cornelius Willis, CMO of Clari, one of the fastest-growing sales management platforms, knows a thing or two about the importance of Rev Ops. In this episode of TalkingSense, we discuss the rise of revenue operations and why the best of breed organizations either have a Chief Revenue Officer/Chief Customer Officer OR a defacto ring leader pulling sales, marketing, and customer success teams together. 

Cornelius also touches on:

  • Avoiding Marketing and Sales Silos
  • Marketing Stats and Measurements - What to Measure, When
  • How to be a Leader that Uses Data
  • Why Predicting for the Future is so SO Important 

As C-Dub puts it, “We should all be looking at revenue and what happens at the end of the funnel. That’s what drives alignment across the organization.” We have to create relevance, cultural alignment, and consistency across teams and the individuals behind those teams. 

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