Predictive Analytics Give Manufacturer NanaWall the Competitive Edge

July 29, 2019 6sense

NanaWall, a large manufacturer of opening glass wall systems and a leader in their industry, is not new to ABM. In fact, they have used an account-based approach to their sales and marketing before ABM was a common phrase. To accomplish their account-based strategy, NanaWall used a few predictive analytics tools which helped them score and evaluate projects within their CRM. But being in the manufacturing industry, it was hard to understand how MarTech tools could be tailored to their needs. In manufacturing, deal velocity tends to move a lot slower and companies are less inclined to adopt technologies and tools for marketing. Enter NanaWalls competitive advantage. Understanding the benefits of using MarTech and the edge it gives them has been a competitive differentiator.

Emerging Capabilities

We sat down with Joe Rapolla, Sales and Marketing Operations Manager for NanaWall, to discover what led him to 6sense and how they are using the platform specifically in manufacturing. He explained that as ABM and predictive analytics technologies continued to vastly improve, NanaWall wanted to ensure they were staying at the forefront. So when they heard about 6sense, they were intrigued. The capability that stood out the most to them was the combination of both account fit and engagement scoring since other platforms focused on just account and account fit. “The ability to pair account scoring as well as engagement scoring is critical for campaigns to work better, and ultimately enables us to have more use cases across the organization.”

On top of engagement modeling, NanaWall found 6sense’s ability to extend the predictive solution into their CRM and pair it with a digital display tool to be extremely beneficial, increasing the efficiency of their small team and further consolidating their martech stack. Joe said that being able to create campaigns and create segments that are hyper-targeted to accounts and tied to the predictive model are very significant features that NanaWall is taking advantage of. Also being able to exclude accounts from display is further mitigating waste, and budgets are performing better as a result. 

When I asked Joe what 6sense feature NanaWall can’t live without, he said by far it is dynamic segmentation. He told me that 6sense’s ability to create dynamic segments that learn and adjust to the criteria they have set without having to go back and create static segments is huge! “This feature is really awesome because we don’t have to reanalyze our audience and create new, static buckets. We establish filters that automatically feed people or accounts into a segment that meets them when they need to be met.” 

Metrics That Provide Transparency

6sense offers data around not just how each individual display campaign is performing, but also account view-through rate, which Joe finds extremely interesting. So he and his team can see which accounts are being served NanaWall’s ads but are not necessarily clicking through. What they have found, is that subsequent to a campaign, accounts that have been exposed to their ads are still coming back to NanaWall’s website and engaging. These are great insights to have because before when a campaign wasn’t getting a high click-through rate, they assumed that it wasn’t working. But now NanaWall can see that these campaigns are still having an impact and leading accounts to further engage. 

NanaWall also has a sense of where and in which domains in the greater web those ads are being displayed. “A lot of times that’s ‘black box’ data – things you can’t see. But with 6sense we have the ability to see that data and we can know that our ads are being placed on reputable sites.” 

The 6sense Difference

“The significant impact from using 6sense is clearly in the gaps and in the blindspots of engagement.” Joe went on to explain that, for them, there are definitely high volume activities that produce a good lead to follow-up on that they don’t need a tool to know about. “But, there is so much engagement that happens on the website, and since people don’t fill out forms, we don’t know who they are. And if we don’t know who they are, we don’t have the ability to target them when that engagement happens. Using 6sense to uncover this data is big.” 

“Beyond the capabilities of the platform, a core influencer for choosing 6sense is working with the people. Our use case is very unique and atypical. So we needed a little more attention, even though we are a small company. We were able to get that from 6sense.” Joe said that his initial connection to 6sense was with a team member who he had a prior relationship in the business world. “Having someone you trust and who understands your business to help guide you through the features early on was really important.” 

To capitalize on 6sense’s capabilities even more, NanaWall’s current initiative is to enable its sales team on the 6sense platform. Extending beyond Marketing Ops creating automated marketing campaigns, teaching the sales team how to interpret and use the data and insights around those campaigns will guide their hyper-targeted account-based initiatives and align sales and marketing efforts.

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