6sense + Reactful One Pager

July 28, 2020

The 6sense Account Engagement Platform gives revenue teams the ability to uncover demand signals, prioritize accounts and actions, and engage B2B buying teams across any channel throughout their buying journey. As it uncovers anonymous buying behavior, 6sense provides company data, account buying stage predictions, and dynamic segments to Reactful via a seamless integration.

When a user visits your website, Reactful tracks the visitor’s activity and intelligently predicts their intent such as whether they are hesitant, confused, interested, or about to abandon your website. Combined with the dynamic data provided by 6sense, Reactful delivers a fully personalized end-to-end experience.

Reactful intelligently improves engagement when and where customers want by communicating in real-time with relevant content and personalized messaging. And best of all, you can produce, analyze, and optimize results within hours — and without extensive site redesigns or A/B multivariate testing.

With 6sense and Reactful, marketers can ensure their website adapts to each visitor’s exhibited intent while also delivering a personalized “concierge” web experience based on the knowledge of the entire account — and ultimately increase website conversions.

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