6sense + Hushly One Pager

73% of B2B buyers today say they want a personalized, B2C-like customer experience, and B2B marketers rate conversion lift as the top measure of personalization success. The challenge for marketers seeking to personalize experiences and drive conversions is that B2B buyers remain anonymous through most of the buying journey, conducting independent research across the Internet before ever filling out a form.

With 6sense and Hushly, you can uncover anonymous buying activity, prioritize the best accounts to pursue, engage buying teams across channels, and deliver highly personalized content experiences and recommendations when target accounts visit your website—whether or not they’ve ever filled out a form.

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6sense + Pathfactory One Pager
6sense + Pathfactory One Pager

With 6sense and PathFactory, you can deliver micropersonalized content journeys to buyers from target accou...

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