BDRs: Thriving or Just Surviving? at TOPO Summit

Research shows that BDRs are a critical function for world-class B2B sales and marketing teams. So, it seems right to assume BDRs are crushing it given this insight, right? Not exactly.

Despite how important they are to an organization’s bottom line, only 48% of SDRs are consistently hitting quota. What’s going on? BDRs are naturally driven, hard-working, competitive people, and an astonishing 74% of them feel very or extremely satisfied in their job. So, why is being a BDR so hard?

This session will dive into how sales and marketing leadership can support BDRs with warmer leads and deeper insights, give them freedom to focus on their actual job, and empower them to do more, faster by:

  • Using insights for competitive advantage with “in-market” accounts
  • Embracing a “No Cold Calls” mentality
  • Leveraging the modern tech stack for scale

Slide Deck:

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