The State of Agile Marketing Report: 3rd Edition

April 27, 2020

While the buzz around Agile marketing has been undeniable for years, our Third Annual State of Agile Marketing marks a turning point in many ways.

This year, we collected responses from 637 marketers, most of whom hail from North America. They showed us that not only is Agile adoption accelerating (Agile marketers outnumbered all other groups this year!), ever-higher numbers of Agile marketers report enjoying key benefits of agility. We can also see crucial Agile practices are spreading to more and more teams as the maturity of Agile marketing teams steadily increases.

For long-time Agile marketing nerds like myself, there’s a lot to be excited about.

But the journey toward marketing agility is, in many ways, just beginning. Some of the biggest hurdles we now face are our own attitudes. In the coming months and years, I suspect the battle we’ll see is agility versus inertia.

Traditional marketers are still enamored with the status quo, feeling that their processes are good enough to get along. Ad hoc marketers, those who operate without a long-term plan and struggle with incoming requests, are deeply dissatisfied with how they work. Yet, they report the lowest likelihood to transition to Agile in the immediate future.

There’s no denying we’re making our way towards the peak of marketing agility, but there’s still a lot of mountain ahead of us. Let’s keep climbing.

- Andrea Fryrear, AgileSherpas Co-Founder


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