How HighRadius Aligns their Revenue Team on an Account-Based Strategy with 6sense

March 12, 2021


HighRadius, a fast-growing fintech company, faced a transformative year in 2020 as they shifted their mindset, processes, and tech stack to align their revenue team on an ABX (account-based experience) strategy. John Whiteside, Associate VP of Digital Programs at HighRadius, and his team, leveraged 6sense to achieve:

  • 160% increase in engaged accounts in one quarter
  • 40% increase in Purchase/Decision accounts, and 
  • Ad view-through-rates as high as 30%

Access to deeper reporting insights have brought clarity to the impact of the HighRadius team’s marketing activities, and have shown the positive impact of the organizational shift to ABX, with 6sense at the core of their strategy.

The Story

Shifting to an account-based strategy is no easy feat for any size organization. For a fast-growing fintech company like HighRadius, it took a shift in mindset, processes, and putting the proper tools in place to transition to an ABX (account-based experience) strategy across the entire revenue team.

The Challenges of 2020

2020 was a transformational year for HighRadius. It quickly became apparent that in order to keep up with their year-over-year growth goals and to continue to capture and maintain mindshare in the market, the HighRadius revenue team had to fully adopt an account-based mindset. With an SDR and sales team targeting accounts and a marketing team using traditional lead-based models, revenue team alignment on an account-based strategy was a must. There wasn’t much insight into whether or not their marketing programs were engaging the right accounts — that is until April of 2020, when HighRadius deployed 6sense.

The HighRadius SDR team was the initial driver of 6sense throughout the organization. The SDRs leverage 6sense by prioritizing accounts in the Purchase and Decision buying stages and use 6sense Sales Intelligence within their Salesforce instance to plan and personalize their outreach. The HighRadius team continues to emphasize the importance of using 6sense intent and predictive data to guide SDRs in their outreach — they are, after all, the power users at the organization.

Once word got out around the actionable insights, adoption grew amongst the marketing teams and the shift to ABM began. What was previously an MQL-driven process with leads handed off to the SDR team hoping for conversion, has now transformed into an account-based process rebuilt within the 6sense Account Engagement Platform. John noted that the biggest eye-opener for him with 6sense was being able to see how many of the HighRadius team’s target accounts were showing lower engagement and intent, and needed different marketing approaches to drive their buyer journey forward. The insights gained from 6sense propelled the HighRadius team into designing account-focused programs aligned with account signals to create accelerated movement toward sales conversations. 

The HighRadius marketing team now uses 6sense predictive buying stages to inform their paid media campaigns which they built in 6sense and have immediately begun to see positive results — over one quarter they saw a 160% increase in engaged accounts and 40% increase in purchase/decisions accounts, with ad view-through rates (VTR) as high as 30%. Moreover, 6sense value reporting validated that this approach drives pipeline growth, with opportunity creation rates for Decision and Purchase accounts more than double those of earlier stage accounts.  

Measure, Measure, Measure

These deeper reporting insights have not only brought clarity to the HighRadius marketing team around the impacts of their individual activities, but has also been able to show the direct positive impact of their organizational shift to ABX, with 6sense at the core of their strategy.

The HighRadius revenue team is now running integrated campaigns in their enterprise segment and tracking overall impact via 6sense segment performance reporting, focusing on: 

  • Overall segment progress — are accounts moving forward?
  • Which activities are driving them forward, and
  • What opportunities are coming out of these campaign activities?

Additionally, for each market segment, they measure how many 6sense Qualified Accounts (6QAs) are coming in each week. 6sense reporting has become the HighRadius team’s primary tool for their account-based metrics because it provides a broad view of which activities are having an impact. According to John, adding 6sense reporting has been enlightening, as it answers the question: “Is marketing driving accounts forward toward pipeline/bookings?”

Beyond just the shift to account-based metrics, leveraging 6sense has also changed how the HighRadius team thinks about their go-to-market strategy and how they operate as a unified team. Sales and marketing alignment has been more seamless now that the teams are aligned on a single source of truth: 6sense insights. This, coupled with diligent enablement around the platform and the concept of ABX, has resulted in full go-to-market alignment across their industry segments.

Things Learned Along the Way

When asked what the biggest benefit of 6sense has been thus far, John responds: “Before, we thought of our total addressable market (TAM) as accounts that are the right profile for us, but we didn’t have a good view into readiness to buy — we now have much more knowledge of what our target market really looks like because we have a better sense of who’s actually in market for our solutions. We know who’s buying, who knows us, and where they are in their buyer journey, so now we’re a lot smarter about everything we do throughout the buyer journey.”

Learn more about HighRadius's shift to ABX from John Whiteside himself here.

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