Diving into complex B2B terms one bad joke at a time.

  • MakingSense of ABM6:33

    MakingSense of ABM

    ABM is the new, hot trend in marketing that has been building pretty steadily for years. It's based on the simple idea that B2B sellers concentrate sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined..

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  • MakingSense of Predictive Analytics4:17

    MakingSense of Predictive Analytics

    In this episode of MakingSense, Justin breaks down predictive analytics along with its three data sources - intent data, historical data and firmographic/technographic data (ICP).

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  • MakingSense of Account-Based Metrics2:49

    MakingSense of Account-Based Metrics

    Attribution, lead scoring, and MQLs are all major points of contention between sales and marketing teams. Find out why.

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  • MakingSense of CDPs (Customer Data Platforms)4:03

    MakingSense of CDPs (Customer Data Platforms)

    What're you looking for in a CDP? Starting from scratch with a stand-alone CDP is not an option, Map customer journeys, personalize communications and close more deals with 6sense's embedded B2B CDP.

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  • MakingSense of Personalization4:37

    MakingSense of Personalization

    In this episode of MakingSense, we're breaking down the biggest mystery to Marketers everywhere: Personalization. It's the thing that every Marketer talks about but nobody really knows how to do.

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  • MakingSense of Lead Generation6:07

    MakingSense of Lead Generation

    Still relying on lead-based marketing and MQLS? That's old news. In this episode of MakingSense, we'll discuss alternative tactics including account-based marketing and orchestrated account engagement

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  • MakingSense of Intent Data4:13

    MakingSense of Intent Data

    Intent data gives your organization total visibility into activity within the Dark Funnel that you can then leverage to prioritize and personalize your outreach.

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  • MakingSense of Match Rates3:39

    MakingSense of Match Rates

    The only match rate that matters is account identification. In this episode, learn about all the ways account identification impacts your marketing strategy.

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  • MakingSense of Display Ads2:39

    MakingSense of Display Ads

    In this episode of MakingSense, Justin breaks down display advertising, specifically B2B advertising using an account-based model. Using AI and intent data, you can surface ads to the right audience.

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