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The Most Powerful Account-Based Orchestration and Web Personalization Solution Available Deliver dynamic, highly targeted, and personalized web experiences as part of your ABM strategy Today's B2B buyers are anonymous, fragmented, and resistant. Buying teams are typically comprised of 10 or more people who conduct independent research and rarely (if ever) fill out forms until late in the buying process, yet expect a personalized experience when they visit your website. With the majority of the buying journey happening in the Dark funnelâ„¢, B2B revenue teams need to be able to capture Uncover Demand for Your Solutions Uncover accounts that are in-market to buy, whether those accounts are known to you or anonymous, and know what topics they care most about. Powering Engagement at Leading Enterprises The joint 6sense + Reactful solution has enabled leading financial management software company Sage Intacct to generate a new level of content targeting for its Sage Intacct solution, resulting in a 43% uplift in visitor engagement on the Sage Intacct website. Prioritize Accounts and Actions Identify accounts that meet your ideal customer profile (ICP) and know where they are on the buying journey so you can target the right buyers. Engage the Entire Buying Team Orchestrate engagement with the entire buying team across channels to educate, engage, and move them through the funnel. Convert Website Visitors Increase conversions by quickly customizing web experiences with dynamic content, engaging overlays, and animated interactions. and identify demand signals, separate priority accounts and contacts from the noise, and deliver personalized, multi-channel campaigns to the right person at the right time. 6sense enables revenue teams to easily uncover in-market accounts and all relevant members of buying teams, prioritize the right leads and contacts, and orchestrate engagement across channels and buyers. Reactful leverages 6sense's rich data and patented time-based predictions to deliver a truly personalized experience that automatically engages, guides, and converts website visitors in real time. " These two technologies combined have delivered substantial uplift in our one-to-one marketing results" Nick Ezzo VP Marketing, Sage Intacct

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