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Use Rich Account Insights to Start Real-Time Conversations With Your Best Leads Identify high value accounts browsing your website and engage them with personalized conversations Traditional B2B sales and marketing tactics like web forms, mass emails, and cold calls no longer work like they used to. Today's buyers have more power and information than ever Get Real-Time Company Profile Data Drift Intel leverages 6sense's patented Company Graph to identif y website visitors and retrieve their corresponding company profile data. This enables Drift Intel customers to identify and engage the most valuable buyers with highly personalized conversations. Connect With High-Value Buyers in Real-Time Drift Intel routes qualified leads to the right sales rep based on company data like account, size, and location. Joint customers can leverage additional 6sense insights like segment data and buying stage predictions for enhanced lead routing as well as targeting accounts with Drift Audiences. Deliver Personalized Conversations at Scale Drift automatically greets visitors with messages personalized based on their company profile, which can increase engagement. Joint customers can further target accounts and personalize messages based on rich 6sense account insights like predicted buying stage. before, and they—not marketers and sellers—choose when they want to engage with a business. And when a buyer is ready to talk, you need to be ready too. With 6sense and Drift, you can start real-time, personalized conversations with your target buyers the moment they land on your website. "In order to form a competitive advantage in today's marketing environment, leaders have to consider digital transformation as a fundamental piece of their strategy. To be ahead of the curve, it made perfect sense to join the two platforms of Drift and 6sense – together it is like printing pipeline. It's incredibly beneficial to uncover anonymous buyers, prioritize target accounts that are in market, and engage them across channels; however, we can also personalize the conversation and alert reps once they reach our website. Hugely excited about this partnership!" Mariana Prado Cogan SVP of Digital Marketing Strategy and Operations

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