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6sense Company Details API Use deep account insights across your tech stack to deliver personalized experiences that engage buyers The 6sense Account Engagement Platform is designed to help teams predictably grow revenue by identifying the most valuable accounts, uncovering deep insights, predicting the ideal times to pursue them, and then orchestrating engagement throughout each account 's buying journey. The Company Details API extends 6sense's rich account data and AI-driven predictions to other parts of your sales and marketing tech stack so you can deliver highly personalized campaigns and experiences to the accounts you most want to engage. 6 Reasons Why High Performing Teams Rely on 6sense's API Industry-best account identification Turn anonymous website visits into accurate account data. 6sense's patented Company Graph matches anonymous signals to accounts more accurately than any other vendor, and then the Company Details API delivers firmographic account data from 6sense's master company dataset. Maximize your tech stack Unify your sales and marketing tech stack with deep account insights and AI-driven predictions. The 6sense Company Details API enables you to leverage 6sense data across your tech stack to trigger real- time engagement with target accounts across all channels. Orchestrate account engagement With unlimited dynamic segments, you can hyper- target audiences for campaigns and outreach. The Company Details API makes it easy to use these always-updated audiences to orchestrate high-touch sales and marketing campaigns with the best accounts. Deliver personalized experiences Company Details API calls also return any 6sense segments an account is currently part of, like strong ICP fit accounts in the decision stage researching competitors. 6sense's dynamic segments give you ready-made, always-updated audiences based on any combination of filters. Meet buyers where they are The Company Details API also delivers 6sense's AI-driven predictions of where each account is on the buying journey so you can engage buyers with relevant campaigns, messaging, and resources that help them take the next step in the buying journey. Target the best accounts In addition to firmographics, the Company Details API delivers 6sense's AI-driven ideal customer profile (ICP) fit predictions for each account, which enables you to personalize campaigns and experiences for the accounts that are most likely to become sales opportunities.

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