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6sense Display Advertising Engage Target Audiences With the Right Messages Throughout the Buying Journey The 6sense Account Engagement Platform is designed to help teams predictably grow revenue by identifying the most valuable accounts, uncovering deep insights, predicting the ideal times to pursue them, and then orchestrating engagement throughout each account 's buying journey. 6sense's display advertising capabilities drive engagement with target accounts by enabling marketing teams to quickly build and launch ad campaigns that reach the right buyers with the right message at the right time. AI and big data help you identify the best accounts to pursue and when to engage them, and dynamic segments automatically orchestrate campaigns to target accounts so you can focus on strategy, creative, and pipeline results. 6 Reasons Why High Performing Teams Chose 6sense Display Target your ad spend Your campaigns are only as good as your data. 6sense's industry-best account identification and intent capabilities help uncover accounts that are in-market to buy and meet your ICP so you can hyper-target the right accounts—and the right personas within them. Dynamically orchestrated journeys Deliver a personalized experience for buyers across every channel—including display. 6sense's display advertising and dynamic segmentation capabilities make it easy for marketers to deliver consistent, engaging experiences across every channel throughout the buyer's journey. Measure, track, and know 6sense tracks the impact of your display campaigns, whether you run them in 6sense or not. Comprehensive account-based metrics help you understand campaign performance, and persona- based metrics give you insight into the roles and job functions that interacted the most. Flexible ad delivery 6sense also supports external media campaigns so you can use your preferred DSP and aggregate results in 6sense for segmentation and analysis. And with our LinkedIn ads integration, you can use 6sense's dynamic segments to hyper-target audiences on the world's largest B2B social platform with all LinkedIn ad types. Full-featured display From banner to video to HTML5 dynamic ads, 6sense supports all display types so your marketing team has the flexibility to creatively reach target accounts. All ads can be targeted by persona to reach the entire buying center with relevant messaging. Self-service ads 6sense's display capabilities are simple and intuitive for novice users, yet offer the flexibility and sophistication experts demand. With 100% self-service configuration and reporting, there's no need to spend on services, but professional services are available should you need them.

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