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6sense Sales Intelligence Empower your sales team with rich account insights from the 6sense Account Engagement Platform—delivered to reps within your CRM The 6sense Account Engagement Platform is designed to help teams predictably grow revenue by identifying the most valuable accounts, uncovering deep insights, predicting the ideal times to pursue them, and then orchestrating engagement throughout each account 's buying journey. 6sense Sales Intelligence drives sales and marketing alignment by giving sales reps access to all the account data and insights they need to engage the right buyers with the right message at the right time. With Sales Intelligence, reps can easily understand where accounts are on the buying journey, how and when they've engaged with your brand, which contacts are part of the buying center, what they care most about, and which actions they should take next to move the deal forward. And most importantly, the data is available in your CRM where reps spend the majority of their day. 6 Reasons Why High Performing Teams Chose Sales Intelligence Align sales and marketing Sales Intelligence gives AEs and BDRs easy access to the same 6sense data and insights your marketing team relies on, which helps your teams align on the accounts that matter most. Know how to engage The Next Best Action feature in Sales Intelligence uses AI to give reps a prioritized list of recommended actions to engage the buying team within a target account, including which contacts to engage next, key talking points to use, and new contacts to acquire. Make every conversation relevant Sales Intelligence highlights the keywords that known and anonymous contacts are researching as well as the website pages they're visiting, the locations that are most active, and the campaigns they're engaging with so reps can create highly relevant messages. Engage at the right time Sales Intelligence provides deep insights into account and contact engagement history, including a visual trendline of engagement activity, so reps know exactly when to reach out and what message is most likely to resonate. Identify the buying team Knowing your account's buying team is critical to closing the deal. Sales Intelligence enables reps to quickly identify the key contacts, see how engaged they are with your brand, and uncover white space where additional contacts should be acquired. Prioritize the best accounts With 6sense's in-market and ICP-fit predictions available within CRM, it's easy for sales reps to prioritize the best accounts to work.

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