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6sense & Heinz Marketing | The State of Predictable Revenue Growth 6 Realign Sales and Marketing Today, you may not have a singular view of accounts, what they're doing, and what they care about most, and if that's the case you're likely struggling to align sales and marketing. But as described in the "Gaps and Bridges" section later in this report, there are steps you can take today to begin increasing sales and marketing alignment: Define what success looks like for marketing, sales, and the organization at large Align on your ideal customer profile, target account list, and lead qualification criteria Break down the data and metrics silos within your organization The (Mis)alignment of Sales and Marketing Most sales and marketing teams rely on different datasets, work in different platforms, and track different metrics to measure success, making it nearly impossible to coordinate engagement with the right accounts throughout the customer journey. A case of misaligned metrics: Sales and marketing leaders are not aligned on the key metrics that matter most to predictable revenue growth, including the value of SQLs, accounts currently engaged, personas engaged per account, deal velocity, and accounts in market. No cross-functional coordination: Sales and marketing leaders also vary on the channels they deem most valuable to generate interest and demand. Marketers most value content and inbound marketing, website personalization, and targeted displays ads, while sales leaders place more value on events, nurture emails, and traditional cold calls. Disagreement over target accounts: Half of all sales and marketing leaders only somewhat agree (or don't agree at all) on their target account list. Even 42% of organizations that are successful lack consensus.

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