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6sense & Heinz Marketing | The State of Predictable Revenue Growth 48 Reimagine Demand Generation Demand generation today requires more than simply getting a prospect to fill out a form and scoring the lead. Successful demand generation involves focusing on the end-to-end experience a prospect has, the content they engage with, and the journey they go on as they move through their decision making process. How can sales and marketing work together across the funnel to ensure they're not only generating demand, but generating the right demand? Here are some considerations: Replace SPAM and cold calls with personalized, contextual outreach: No one likes getting unsolicited emails or cold calls. No one likes getting pitched without having ever met or even conversed with you before. And in today's age of personalization, content curation, and data-driven insights, there's simply no excuse for these low-value efforts. Find more valuable means of engaging your audience early in their buying journey, and ensure that the calls and emails your team initiates are warm because they're relevant, personalized, and timed correctly. Deliver the right content to the right buyers at the right time: Not every piece of content is suited to every buyer. And because today's buying teams consist of multiple stakeholders, decision makers, and influencers, it's important that the content you create reflects that diversity in both form and message— and that you can orchestrate delivery of the right content based on where each person is in their journey. Gain visibility into buyer intent in order to proactively target the right accounts: With fewer and fewer buyers raising their hands until late in the buying process, it's critical to be able to uncover anonymous visits to your website and match them to accounts—and also pick up buyer intent signals on third party websites. Investigate buyer intent solutions and determine how to best add these capabilities to your sales and marketing tech stack.

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