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6sense & Heinz Marketing | The State of Predictable Revenue Growth 47 Realign Sales and Marketing Any business leader worth their salt knows full well the importance of aligning sales and marketing teams for the long-term, predictable growth of an organization. Understanding the importance is one thing, but achieving tight alignment is a different challenge altogether. Consider these solutions to improve alignment between sales and marketing: Break down the data and metrics silos within your organization: Stop thinking of sales as one team and marketing as another. Both teams are working towards predictable revenue growth, and both want the organization to succeed. They simply need the data, tools, and metrics to get there. Align on your ideal customer profile, target account list, and lead qualification criteria: Drop the assumptions and open the communication between sales and marketing. With both teams giving input and collaborating, agree on who your ideal customer is, who your target accounts are, and what trigger actions and criteria qualify a lead to be handed off to sales. And the more you can leverage data and AI to drive these conversations, the more likely you are to reach consensus. Define what success looks like for marketing, sales, and the organization at large: Determine the metrics, KPIs, and goals that sales and marketing must work towards. Then, identify who's responsible for driving what, when, and how.

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