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6sense & Heinz Marketing | The State of Predictable Revenue Growth 38 Don't aim for perfect, but rather for what's most valuable to you With constant changes in capabilities, goals, and markets, the hunt for the perfect tech stack will continue to be elusive. There isn't a one size fits all perfect tech stack. However, there are certainly ways to make your systems more usable and valuable to your organization. Part of that is a reframing of your go-to-market approach: • What metrics are valuable to you? • What goals do you want to drive towards? Your go-to-market plan should not be built off the technology you have, but rather the technology you have should work to strengthen and enhance your go-to-market plan. Lessening the experience, widening the gaps Unfortunately, the "just rights" are but a small segment of the overall sales and marketing landscape. From ad hoc target account selection to middling marketing technologies, it's no surprise organizations distrust their data and feel challenged when it comes to engaging buyers with meaningful experiences. It's also why they remain committed to lead generation— it's what they know and have confidence in. However, lead generation doesn't put organizations on the path to predictable revenue growth. And when lead scoring does little to help surface the best leads to engage with, sales and marketing teams either have to determine a better way to go-to-market or waste time working leads that often aren't the right fit for their company. At the same time, leads have to go through fragmented experiences as they get passed between sales and marketing with little coordination, which can lead to poor experiences and create friction. Either way, time, resources, and trust is lost, and the gap between sales and marketing only continues to grow as prospects slip through the cracks. As Voltaire is often quoted, "Perfect is the enemy of good."

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