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Deliver Predictable Revenue Growth with the 6sense Account Engagement Platform Customers today take their own unique journey when making purchase decisions. They're less likely than ever to raise their hands until late in the buying journey, and sales and marketing teams need to engage an entire buying team to generate and win deals. Unfortunately, sales and marketing technology hasn't kept pace with these changes, leaving revenue teams without a complete picture of customer demand. And as a result, they often get into deals too late or miss out on opportunities altogether. The 6sense Account Engagement Platform helps sellers and marketers predictably grow revenue by engaging anonymous and known buyers from ideal accounts as soon as they begin the purchase journey. 6 Reasons Why Leading Revenue Teams Choose 6sense Our Customers Unified Platform for Sales and Marketing Align sales and marketing on the best accounts for your business and each account's buying stage, and deliver deep account insights and meaningful account- based metrics to the entire revenue team. Account Insights for Every Sales Rep Deliver proactive alerts to sales reps on the best accounts to engage and when to reach out. Provide relevant account insights and AI- recommended next best actions within CRM to guide reps' outreach strategy. Cross- Channel Activation Native account- based display ad capabilities make it easy to generate immediate value, and unlimited dynamic segments enable you to seamlessly orchestrate cross- channel account engagement. Patented AI-Driven Predictions Understand whether accounts match your ideal customer profile (ICP) as well as where they are on the buying journey, contact engagement levels, and the fit of leads and contacts compared to typical buying teams. Industry- Leading Account Identification Turn anonymous buying signals into rich account data and insights. 6sense's patented Company Graph accurately matches more anonymous signals to accounts than any other vendor. Proprietary Intent Network Uncover anonymous and known buying signals on 1st and 3rd party websites with an unlimited number of branded and generic keywords. An embedded CDP houses and cleanses all your big data. AI and big data uncover your full funnel of buyers; prioritize the best accounts to work; orchestrate meaningful engagement throughout the customer journey; and measure real account-based sales and marketing results—all with a comprehensive platform for your entire revenue team.

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