From the Age of Digital to the Age of Account-Based Everything

When TOPO was founded, there were determined to be different by ONLY focusing their research on the world’s fastest-growing B2B companies - specifically how those companies approach sales and marketing. And because everyone is interested in learning from world-class companies, TOPO’s focused approach is resonating with people, making them the go-to for the world’s best sales and marketing organizations. So when Co-Founder and Chief Analyst, Craig Rosenberg talks to us about the Big Shift in B2B, you better believe we are listening!

In this TalkingSense Episode, Craig takes us through the shift from the age of digital to the age of account-based everything and what that means for sellers and marketers today such as:

  • What sellers and marketing need to understand in this new age of account-based buying
  • Why data is critical - especially when looking at ICP and account prioritization
  • Why orchestration is the most important factor in ABM Success
  • Scale, technology, and being BOLD

As Craig puts it, “now we’re in a different era.” Listen in as we talk through what the new era looks like, how world-class companies are adjusting, and how we can transition to account-based everything.

Also available as a podcast!

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