The Data Whisperer: Amandah Magnarelli of RSA Security

Data isn’t static or lifeless; it tells a story, if you know how to listen.

On this episode of B2B Difference Makers, we’re joined by Amandah Magnarelli, Director of Marketing Operations at RSA Security, 

Amandah understands that for data to be effective, you have to let it live and breathe through constant feedback from the people it impacts. In this conversation, you’ll hear how she encourages feedback and how she’s tackling the never-ending challenges of database marketing.

What does Amandah think it takes to be a B2B Difference Maker? Find out in this episode.


1. Give People Access

Amandah: So what we've done is we've created, you know, a series of dashboards and reports, and really just tried to enable our sales teams and our BDRs or. Uh, you know, SDRs and just really put the tools at the fingertips of the people, give them the, give them the tools, give them the ability to give them the knowledge and teach them. Um, you know, w what is that saying? You know, give a man a fish and eats for a day, or give a person efficiently for a day, teach them how to fish. And they. Eat for a lifetime. Right? So we've sort of, you know, given them the tools and taught them how to fish. Right. And we've, you know, we've taught them, here's the tools. Here's how to change what's in there. Here's how to filter it for your side of the business, your territory, your. Clients your roles, what your doing and the information that you want. And we've coached them on that and gone, you know, team by team person by person and, you know, done all of that training and, and kept up with that.

2. Encourage Feedback

Amandah: To me, data, isn't something that's static in in an Excel Spreadsheet or in you know that you'd print out on a page, right? it lives, it breathes and and I need that input and information from folks that you know ok you you predicted that this company was right for me to go after and if i paid attention to all the business that you gave me I would close business faster. And that worked or that didn't work or, you know, and sure I can build other reports around that and see that we're closing business faster, or we're not, or what's happening. But I do talk to the people that are consuming the data, right. And, and that continuous loop and, and follow through of information is. Is really super important. And I think that's what really makes it live and breathe.

3. There Is No One-Size-Fits-All

Amandah: There's a bit of a model in terms of, you know, how I've rolled it out. I, I try to keep a bit of the same format, but it has been a, um, It's been a little bit of brute strength, right? It's been, you know, a team by team and in some cases, person by person approach and that's really been globally. Right. And, you know, different people learn in different ways and some people in the group trainings or the team trainings, they didn't. They didn't grasp it and they needed a little more help and they needed a little more, um, a little more TLC. So there've been one-on-one trainings and, and a little more handholding and a little more care. And some people, the team training was way more than they needed. They just needed a few questions answered. Right. So it hasn't been a one size fits all.

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