The Curious Learner: Jennifer McAdams of Progress

Having extensive experience in a field helps you become an expert, but the true secret is being curious and learning from others. 

In this episode, Jennifer McAdams, Vice President of Demand Generation and Field Marketing at Progress Software, joins Jeannine Crispino to discuss the importance of continued learning. In any challenging situation she has found that asking deeper questions and reaching out to others for answers has helped solve the problem.

What does Jennifer think it takes to be a B2B Difference Maker? Tune in to find out.


Jennifer’s Walk-up Song: Happy by Pharell Williams


Take a Risk

Jennifer McAdams: “I do think I wish I had taken more of a risk and maybe had a sales number, but one of the sales leaders here, he keeps saying, I'm going to give you a deal general, find a plea deal for you to run down. Hopefully, maybe with my colleagues now, I'll have that opportunity to really be in a deal and work it.”

Support Your Team Members

Jennifer McAdams: “We have a goal of X percent from marketing. How are we meeting that goal? We look at it, but our KPIs, our bonuses, are based on sales attainment. It's just one component to our bonus, and that's all it is - making sure that sales make their number. We're not incentivized to do MQL staffing, or to just generate a bunch of opportunities that may not pan out just to be able to put the marketing source stamp on them. So where we are responsible, we are also in partnership with them. Our partner channels make sure that we make the number. But at the end of the day, that's everyone's ultimate goal is to make sure that the sales team makes their goals.”

Be Curious and Learn New Things

Jennifer McAdams: “I found over time, like always being open to hearing what the new technologies are, always being open to hearing what new solutions are out there, because if I'm struggling with a pain point as a marketer or working with my sales team and they're struggling with the pain point, most likely somebody else is, too, and there's probably a solution out there for it.”

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