How Kazoo Uses the Combined Power of 6sense and Bombora to Fuel Growth

Kazoo’s employee experience platform transforms the way companies approach human resources (HR). Instead of relying on the traditional top-down HR approach, Kazoo fully empowers employees and managers to drive key HR processes. This people-first approach to employee experience helps work work better. With Kazoo, employees have a central, single source for feedback, goals, objectives/key results (OKRs), awards, performance discussions, check-ins, and more. By combining performance, recognition, and engagement in one easy-to-use platform, Kazoo helps customers like Patagonia, Kia, and Kaiser Permanente align, connect, and engage their workplaces like never before. 

The Challenge

There are a lot of companies in the HR platform market, and Kazoo knew that to rise above the crowd, they’d need to outmarket — not outspend — the competition. The company had historically taken a “tonnage” lead generation approach — using lots of form gates to collect email addresses, sending copious nurture emails, and engaging in a heavy outbound calling game. But when Casey Carey came on board as CMO and drilled down into the target market, performance, and opportunity, it was clear the company couldn’t achieve the growth they were after if they didn’t make some fundamental changes. 

“Buyers do 65% to 85% of their homework before they talk to sales, and we weren't helping them do that,” Casey explains. “We wanted to be part of that journey, being helpful along that journey, and creating a preferred position rather than just trying to harvest people who were interested in sales. We wanted to move to a model of creating hand-raisers, versus just trying to capture them.”

To do that, Casey knew they’d need to start using intent data to understand buying stages and areas of interest — and to make sure they were focusing their efforts on the best accounts.

Casey was very familiar with Bombora intent data from a previous role at Marketo. He appreciated Bombora’s ability to evaluate potential customers’ baseline level of interest and then detect surges in interest at the account level. He decided to test using Bombora data, combined with Kazoo’s own first-party website data, to craft a rules-based model to predict buying stage. The idea was to help outbound SDRs prioritize their accounts — and their test was successful, to say the least. They quickly saw an almost 3x improvement in engagement, including reply and contact rates, making it clear that they were now targeting the right accounts. 

“We'd been debating forever about what our core industries were, and the model actually helped us understand that. We could put those arguments to bed and say, ‘Let's use the data to tell us where we win most often and focus our efforts there.’"

It was the win they needed to start using Bombora intent data across more areas of the business, but they quickly realized that their small team didn’t have the bandwidth to really put the data to its best use. They’d need to create models and data infrastructure in order to get the most value from the information they now had at their fingertips, and that was beyond the team’s capacity.

The Solution

That’s when they learned about 6sense and realized the solution they had in mind already existed. Kazoo engaged 6sense in November 2019 and soon set about using it to create a new ICP model. By using lookalike functionality, 6sense helped Kazoo uncover new, strong-fit accounts that resembled accounts with which they’d already had success. And pretty soon they saw a significant lift: 41% of won opportunities were coming from accounts 6sense had identified as a strong fit. This became the foundation of the fit part of their equation.

Kazoo soon discovered additional 6sense benefits, including how the additional data 6sense offered made the models richer and more predictive. And the insights 6sense provided into accounts allowed Kazoo to resolve long-standing debates about which accounts were best for them to pursue. 

“We'd been debating forever about what our core industries were, and the model actually helped us understand that,” Casey recalls. “We could put those arguments to bed and say, ‘Let's use the data to tell us where we win most often and focus our efforts there.’”

6sense’s other major benefit was that it brought the data together — the first-party data from Kazoo’s website, marketing automation system, and customer relationship management (CRM) software, as well as Bombora’s Company Surge data and 6sense’s own intent data — and used AI-powered models to predict an account’s buying stage. That’s what Casey and his team had envisioned as the key to unlocking growth, and it was coming to life.

"Your website activity, your email clicks, other engagement points with your brand … that’s a fraction of what your available market is doing. Being able to open the aperture and unlock the insights around those activities that are happening, and being able to tap into them, is super powerful. It’s revolutionizing how we think about B2B marketing."

Now was the time to decide whether to keep using 6sense and Bombora together, or to invest solely in 6sense. Casey asked for the 6sense team’s help in testing whether a) he was getting enough additional insight from Bombora to justify the cost, and b) whether using both solutions together was introducing complexity or making things simpler. 

The test revealed that combining the two solutions had resulted in larger returns than using either platform alone. The combined data in the predictive model uncovered 25% more in-market businesses and netted an 8% lift in buying stage model performance. 

The new model has accurately predicted the accounts most likely to convert to revenue. In fact, 77% of opportunities created are ones that 6sense identified as being in decision and purchase stages. The concept of “in-market” accounts has permeated not only the sales team, but the entire revenue operations team. In particular, the Kazoo customer success team is starting to rely on the intent and predictive capabilities to pinpoint cross-sell opportunities or uncover at-risk accounts. 

When weighing the complexity part of the equation, it became clear that the new model made things simpler for the team. The integration of the data into Kazoo’s CRM (Salesforce) gives the sales team one central location to understand where their priorities are. The 6sense iframe in Salesforce brings together not only Bombora’s Company Surge Data and 6sense’s own data, but also G2 data and all of Kazoo’s first-party data, such as website traffic. A one-stop shop approach consolidates all the data so sales teams can spend less time researching multiple systems and piecing information together, and more time proactively prospecting on the right accounts. 

Moreover, Kazoo extends the 6sense platform beyond predicting buyer stages to further understand how prospects are engaging with research keywords, topics, website pages, and campaigns. This highly reliable data helps target advertising, content, and outreach to guide future customers through their buying journey with relevant, right-timed information.

In the end, deciding to invest in the combined power of Bombora and 6sense was a no-brainer for Casey. “I've done the homework. I know together they're better, and that the return is there,” he says. With that knowledge, he and his team are looking ahead to how they can continue expanding their use of 6sense and Bombora to continue to fuel their RevTech Revolution.

Key Results

As a result of their new, data-driven approach to selling and marketing powered by 6sense and Bombora, Kazoo ensured it was targeting in-market accounts in the right industries, with the highest propensity to buy. This made for some amazing gains in a span of 18 months:

  • Increased domain authority 32 points
  • Organic traffic up 307%
  • Increased brand surge 454%
  • Went from 80+% of MQLs being disqualified to only 23% of MQLs being disqualified
  • Improved MQL-to-win rate 14 percentage points

6sense + Bombora: Better Together

Thanks to a new partnership between 6sense and Bombora, Bombora’s Company Surge Intent data is now included with all 6sense platform subscriptions. The Bombora Company Surge - 6sense Kickstart package, which is exclusive to 6sense, gives 6sense platform customers the ability to use Bombora intent data to create dynamic audience segments for their account-based strategies, refine their 6sense predictive models, and provide additional intent data points to sellers within the 6sense Sales Intelligence module at no extra cost. Combined with 6sense’s native keyword-based intent, Bombora intent data can help identify more in-market accounts and generate higher conversion rates from 6sense’s patented buying stage predictions to pipeline opportunities.

Learn more about the combined power of 6sense and Bombora here.

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