How CoreView Transformed Their Digital Strategy with 6sense

It’s a challenging time for everyone right now for several reasons. While we’re all learning to adjust to a “new normal” by whatever means necessary, some companies are going above and beyond in adopting new, innovative strategies to embrace this shift to an all-virtual world. CoreView, a SaaS management platform and new 6sense customer, found a way to gracefully shift with the times while continuing to stay ahead of the curve.

CoreView helps organizations avoid security risks, cut operating costs, and improve productivity across the SaaS applications they use. Built upon the Office 365 environment, CoreView balances the management of licences, potential breaches, learning products, and more across the portfolio of SaaS tools that make up Office 365. With an ICP that includes enterprise organizations with 10k+ employees, you can only imagine how much that is to manage. 

At the core of Coreview’s brand promise, they say they are “people helping people, help people” — they’re helping IT teams within large organizations help their employees be more productive and successful at their jobs. So when it became evident that there was a shift happening throughout the world — something Tahlor DiCicco, CoreView VP’s of Global Marketing, calls a “forced digital transformation” — they knew they had to adjust to this new era to continue delivering on their brand promise. 

Preparing for a transformational pivot

CoreView was founded in Milan, so they saw the impact of COVID-19 early on when the epicenter of the outbreak was in Europe. Through Microsoft Teams, one of the SaaS tools they leveraged, they recognized the power of staying connected with their employees and realized this was a time to be thankful to have tools that allowed them to stay productive, collaborative, and focused on their goal. 

Tahlor and team decided to gear up for what they anticipated to be a transformational pivot to a virtual workforce in the United States, having had an early glimpse of the shift in Europe. The CoreView team thought, as stated by Tahlor, “How can we pivot early-on from our traditional messaging around who we are and what we do, and instead adopt and incorporate a remote angle into our messaging?” 

With the help of 6sense, CoreView was able to successfully pivot their digital campaigns to reflect a more relevant message, and also bring a new offer to market.

Becoming a thought leader in remote work

Like 6sense, CoreView is an Insights Partners portfolio company, and they became a 6sense customer with an end goal in mind: they were intent on building a tech stack that would enable them to be a thought leader. "We want prospects to do things and have actions that are meaningful to the sales organization, and 6sense was an enormous part of that strategy,” explained Tahlor.

The CoreView team had spent a majority of Q1 developing messaging and ad groups around the three main benefits of their platform: improving productivity, cutting operating costs, and avoiding security risks. They were building an account-based strategy around what they called “Project 10k/5k” — consisting of their top EMEA accounts with more than 5k employees and top U.S. accounts with more than 10k employees. They built 6sense segments to launch display campaigns on their Project 10k/5k accounts, as well as an additional “10k+” segment for any accounts that fell outside that range but were still showing intent. As they were about to press ‘Go’ and launch their campaigns, everything changed as a result of Coronavirus.

The CoreView team was forced to immediately pivot their campaigns. In a matter of days, they shifted to overlay their current messaging around the main CoreView benefits with an emphasis on the remote work angle. Take a look!

They even brought a new offering to market, giving away a portion of their product to help government agencies and global organizations get up and running faster on their SaaS products. These new display campaigns and new offering were all launched through 6sense, and they were able to see successful results within days.

The remote work campaign and initial campaign launching their new offering saw an average increase of 3x in account engagement. The project 10k/5k segment that CoreView set up in 6sense has been seeing a VTR of 14.28. When Tahlor looked at the Remote Work campaign that CoreView launched, their display ads had a CTR of 4.18. Tahlor was over-the-moon about these results as she explained, “It’s amazing for us to see who’s interacting with us [with 6sense], and now that we’ve launched display, the view-through and click-through metrics are next-level!”

Taking sales & marketing to the next level with 6sense

After seeing great success with display, the CoreView sales team has since been fully trained on 6sense. Their sales team is already eager to leverage 6sense in their day-to-day, as they receive the daily sales alerts and are using 6sense to direct their actions and prioritize their outreach. Tahlor says, “I’ve never seen a sales organization so interested in the activity that marketing is driving — it’s so refreshing as a marketing leader to see!” With the CoreView sales and marketing teams now aligned on the 6sense platform, we’re beyond excited to see their continued success!

To learn more about how other customers are using the 6sense Account Engagement platform to drive their revenue team efforts, visit our site!

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