Auth0 Strategically Masters Sales Adoption and Empowers Sales with 6sense


Getting your sales team to adopt a new technology is not always easy — with 6sense customers, we’ve seen a number of effective approaches, some of which include:

  • Rolling out adoption in phases
  • Starting with a select group of Business Development Representatives (BDRs) and/or Account Executives (AEs) before expanding
  • Training and enabling Revenue leadership on the business value of a new solution

What happens when you execute all of these tactics strategically? You get a revenue engine deliberately crafted for successful adoption… just ask Auth0!

The Auth0 team has been seeing a steady stream of success from the start, sourcing an extra 28 opportunities with 6sense in a matter of 4-6 weeks after the pilot, amounting to a pipeline increase of $3 million. Their average selling price (ASP) has increased by 25% — a testament to prospecting the right accounts, the right people, at the right time, and with the right message. 

Phases prove powerful

Rachael Tiow heads the Global Account-Based Marketing (ABM) division at Auth0, an easy-to-implement, extensible authentication and authorization platform. Her team specifically focuses on the creation and end-to-end execution of ABM programs geared towards target accounts — a list of accounts selected by the sales team and then refined using 6sense intent and predictive data.

Rachael’s colleague, Ed Cho, ABM Program Specialist, manages ABM programs for the EMEA markets and is the Auth0 program manager for 6sense. Together, Rachael and Ed shared how the Auth0 team spearheaded 6sense sales implementation, crushed adoption, and how now the program is firing on all cylinders.

The Auth0 team first launched 6sense in phases, starting with a pilot with the Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Market Development Representatives (MDRs). At the beginning, the SDRs and MDRs were specifically encouraged to log into the 6sense platform to learn the basics of the account engagement platform. Rachael says, “I wanted to teach them how to fish, so they can fish for themselves.”

Once the pilot team mastered the platform, a rollout for AMER and EMEA SDRs and MDRs began showing promising results quickly — in a matter of 4-6 weeks, they sourced an extra 28 opportunities with 6sense, amounting to a pipeline increase of $3 million. 

Creating heroes

After this pilot success, the ABM team expanded access to the 6sense platform to the global SDRs, MDRs, and Demand Generation Marketing team. They also held weekly office hours and manager check-ins to support accountability at both the rep level and manager level. 

The Account Executive (AE) team was hearing chatter around the success of 6sense, which spurred phase two ahead of schedule by 6 months. The ABM team worked with sales leadership in hand-picking the first round of AEs to gain access to the 6sense platform.

The pilot AEs quickly became “heroes” as they shared stories of how they were using the 6sense platform for effective prospecting and hyper-personalizing their outreach. As Rachael puts it, “6sense helped our AEs find new opportunities, rather than relying on inbounds… it opened up a whole new world of opportunities for them.” 

Here are some quick wins shared by Auth0 sales reps:

  • Within a matter of 4-6 weeks, one of the mid-market AEs in the pilot group sourced 16 opportunities through 6sense.
  • An Enterprise AE used 6sense to source her own opportunities for a wine and cheese event, ensuring she was strategic in reaching out to the right accounts, the right people, and at the right time. 
  • Enterprise Sales Directors regularly leverage 6sense predictive analytics when reviewing win/loss reports to determine key signals throughout the sales cycle and to identify them in future deals.
  • Many SDRs were struggling with accounts that have gone dark. With 6sense, they were able to notice spikes in account engagement, which led them to review the website visits, keywords searched, persona map, and then using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to narrow down key prospects, find additional prospects, and personalize their outreach. This has enabled the SDRs to successfully re-engage with these accounts into sales opportunities. 
  • Strategic Sales Team uses 6sense to expand into existing customer accounts by engaging with other departments that aren’t aware of Auth0. 

Bases are covered

The Auth0 team has now rolled out 6sense to the entire Revenue team: SDRs, MDRs, AEs, and the marketing team. Though they are a revenue team aligned on a single source of truth, Rachael says there’s still room for improvement. Currently, 80% of their opportunities are coming from 6sense Purchase/Decision stages and they are cautiously confident that the number will continue to grow. 

The initial success started a groundswell around 6sense, but since then, Rachael has partnered closely with the senior leadership team to show the ROI and influence 6sense has had on pipeline, and to gain support from them to ensure an ongoing usage of 6sense. 

With senior leadership being held accountable for guidance and wisdom around 6sense best practices, it sets an example and standard for the rest of the team.

As Rachael puts it, “We have the groundswell from our quick wins during the initial phases of launch, and now we have the top-down pressure from leadership — we’ve got all our bases covered. The goal is that all of us win by working together and with 6sense’s data.”

Benefits of 6sense:

Rachael uses two great analogies to describe the insight 6sense provides the sales team:

  1. “It’s the center of excellence — it’s like the brain. You can have all these tools, but you can’t use them all at once. How do you provide your sales team with actionable insight? By pulling data from 6sense that resonates the most with the audience.”
  2. “I like to call 6sense your night vision goggles — You can go into the conversation blind, or you can go in with insights from 6sense. You can see behind the walls, be relevant to your prospects or customers, and be equipped with the right information.” 

When asked what has been the biggest benefit of 6sense, Ed answers: “6sense has changed how our sales team prospects. Before, it was more of a spray-and-pray method, where we didn’t know what accounts to focus on but now we’re hearing confirmation from the sales team that the 6sense data is key, and that’s what is working for them.” 

From the beginning, Rachael and Ed have been meticulous in tracking opportunities that were sourced or prospected using 6sense, so they could study the results and measure their success. Along with the additional $3 million in pipeline during the initial rollout, Auth0’s average selling price (ASP) has increased by 25% — a testament to prospecting the right accounts, the right people, at the right time, and with the right message. 

The sales team is encouraged to share their 6sense success stories to drive cross-team collaboration and learning, which has helped with ongoing sales adoption and keeping the enthusiasm for the 6sense platform. A positive culture of sharing your successes, a revenue team united, and a diligent management team that practices accountability? Sounds like a recipe for success — we can’t wait to see what else Auth0 has in store!

About the Author

Minal Awasthi

Minal Awasthi is the Customer Marketing Manager at 6sense. Regularly working with 6sense customers, Minal is responsible for documenting and sharing the success of all of our 6senseis.

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