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  • Uncover Demand & Prioritize Accounts

  • Uncovering Insights to Optimize your Go-to-Market36:12

    Uncovering Insights to Optimize your Go-to-Market

    Ed Breault and Uran Kabashi describe how Aprimo uses insights from 6sense for everything from reporting their TAM to the board to content development, territory planning, and boosting sales.

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  • You Can’t Love Every Lead19:39

    You Can’t Love Every Lead

    Tara Corey describes how Qlik leveraged 6sense, data, and analytics to shift mindsets across sales and marketing from loving every lead (and treating them equally) to loving leads the right way.

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  • Best Practices for Prioritization23:26

    Best Practices for Prioritization

    In this session, you’ll learn how to help your BDRs and reps maximize their time by delivering the insights they need to prioritize their days. Panelists will discuss how to align sales and marketing.

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  • Building the ROI (Revenue Orchestration Intelligence) Engine24:19

    Building the ROI (Revenue Orchestration Intelligence) Engine

    Saima explains how PTC uses dashboards to help sales prioritize for inbound and outbound based on real-time data, how they track metrics, and other use cases they’ve rolled out to maximize value.

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  • Engage the Buying Team

  • Building Dynamic Content Experiences20:39

    Building Dynamic Content Experiences

    Hillary Lupo describes how Fortinet went from launching generic programs to dynamic, personalized, multi-channel campaigns – and how they exceeded conversion benchmarks by 15x with 6sense.

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  • Boosting BDR Productivity by Killing the Cold Call30:17

    Boosting BDR Productivity by Killing the Cold Call

    Ernest Owusu discusses how 6sense’s BDR team increased pipeline production by 50% and broke through the benchmark while also eliminating cold calls and emails.

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  • The Power of Personalization22:13

    The Power of Personalization

    Panelists will discuss the role of fine-tuning 6sense segments, channel effectiveness by stage of the buying cycle, and key components of the marketing tech stack to supplement the data and insights..

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  • Top Display Campaigns and Ad Trends of the Year23:29

    Top Display Campaigns and Ad Trends of the Year

    Michael George and Jeff Siegel discuss the top trends in ABM display, explain what they mean to marketers looking to leverage display more effectively, and discuss the display metrics that matter.

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  • ABM at Scale

  • Going from MQLs to ABM at Scale31:00

    Going from MQLs to ABM at Scale

    Jordan Linford will describe why Impartner shifted from MQLs to account-based funnel tracking, their journey from a homegrown ABM stack to 6sense, and what sales and marketing alignment looks like.

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  • Four Steps to Successfully Scaling ABM25:35

    Four Steps to Successfully Scaling ABM

    Crystal Hadaway shares four key insights learned along the way as Domo went from starting with 6sense to executing ABM at scale.

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  • more in the Dojo
  • Accelerating 6sense Adoption Across the Company26:02

    Accelerating 6sense Adoption Across the Company

    In this session, panelists will discuss the challenges they broke through to boost adoption within their companies, how and where they started, and how aggressively they pushed for 6sense adoption.

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  • Keynotes

  • ABM and What’s Next for B2B39:44

    ABM and What’s Next for B2B

    ABM has pushed marketing and sales teams to align and focus like never before. Leverage AI and insights to make informed decisions and rethink how you engage prospects.

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  • What’s Your Marketing Superpower?36:05

    What’s Your Marketing Superpower?

    Kate Bullis and Latane debate the most relevant and marketable super powers, explain how to position and grow your strengths based on the market and discuss using super powers to create value.

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  • Measuring the ROI of Marketing32:06

    Measuring the ROI of Marketing

    Kerry and Rob offer practical tips for marketers on adopting CFO-approved metrics — and explain how breaking away from vanity metrics can shift internal paradigms and accelerate results.

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  • It's All about ROI17:08

    It's All about ROI

    In this session, Tom and Johan will share best practices for building a business case for success with 6sense and account-based marketing.

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  • That's a Wrap

  • Relive the Excitement of Breakthrough 20191:40

    Relive the Excitement of Breakthrough 2019

    Get a taste of the passion and excitement felt by the 2019 Breakthrough attendees!

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