The Wrap-up: What Makes a B2B Difference Maker?

Season One has come to an end and we are excited to kick-off the second season of B2B Difference Makers. On this episode, Jeannine Crispino reflects on the amazing guests and conversations had on the first season of the show, highlighting key takeaways from the season. 
Think you know what it takes to be a Difference Maker? Find out in this episode.


Get Buy-in from the Right People

Emily Carroll: I think the resources come from within the organization. I've learned a lot about connections and meeting more people and then asking questions. Um, the resources are the people around youThey have the information you need to make decisions and to generate ideas. I think that's a lot of where I gain a lot of knowledge from.

Lean Into What You Already Know.

Sruthi Kumar: Lean into what your superpowers are. Everyone brings something different to the table. So don't be afraid, like to look into yourself and be like, this is what I'm really good at. This is what I can bring to the table. And for me, like that thing was, I'm like a natural networker. I'm very friendly. And so in my personal life and my professional life, that's helped  meet the right people and make the right connections. 

Never Stop Learning and Growing.

Steve Scotkin: I think the other part of it is being able to fail and understanding how to take those calculated risks. So you can fail in a way that's not going to obviously be detrimental. To me, that is being bold and not being afraid to try things challenging the status quo and, and you know, all of that is rapid bits of progress.
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