B2B Difference Makers Episode 1: The Visionary: Steve Scotkin of Thomson Reuters

Steve Scotkin, Senior Director of Marketing Technology of Thomson Reuters, understands how navigating change at a large complex organization requires one thing above all else: buy-in. In this conversation with Steve, learn how he turns a vision into a strategy while marrying the right technology. 

What does Steve think it takes to be a B2B Difference Maker? Find out in this episode.


Create a Sense of Urgency

“You can create a sense of urgency on small things. If you understand how many of those small things, how many of the little bits of progress add up to a milestone, you can dissect it for the right people.“

Redefine Simplifying Marketing Automation

“Sending even very simple email. It's not a journey. It's not very personalized. It's getting something out the door. That's where the education came in, which is, what are we really trying to do? What is the objective? Um, and so when I read defined simplify marketing automation, the way I defined it is to understand the customer. want to be able to offer our customers the right type of communication, superior dialogue, as a result of understanding who they are and be able to do it efficiently.”

Become a Domain Expert

"To help my teams understand that genuinely my interest was education, to do the right thing, and being a strategist. And that's a different way of doing business. A different way of solving and transforming your goals and people who take the time to be experts. You're never a perfect expert on everything, but I mean, you can be domain deep enough to provide the right guidance and to be a thought leader."

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