The Inter-Department Collaborator: Missi Carmen of SYKES

Is collaborating between departments impossible? Not if you step back and stay focused on the mission.

In this episode, Missi Carmen, Director of Global Marketing and Digital Strategy at SYKES, offers her take on getting departments to work better together. It all starts with “living the brand” and learning to listen to others. In this conversation, you’ll hear Missi share how the pride of ownership and celebrating success play a critical role in successful collaboration.

What does Missi think it takes to be a B2B Difference Maker? Tune in to find out.


Missi’s Walk-up Song: 9-5 by Dolly Parton


Live the Brand

Missi Carmen: “We're really seeing sales and marketing the partnership. They're getting stronger and stronger. As we go on, the partnership between sales and marketing starts with us living the brand, and that's having an interaction with each other. That interaction builds opportunities. With that commitment to both sales and marketing operations, we need to be on the same page so that we understand the campaigns that are being executed, the brand voice that's being put into the market, and also supported by that sales enablement technology. That's going to have an impact throughout the entire cycle from ideation to creation, to execution, and then follow up from sales.”

Take a Step Back

Missi Carmen: “As a new hire, you're always trying to jump on every meeting that you can and respond to every email within the first second. Looking back, we were in the middle of merging two different teams, launching campaigns, and trying to improve how we work together. But I wouldn't have spent as much time trying to understand the functionality, but rather the people, and I've been able to go back and to do that now, and really make sure that we have the tools in place, the vehicles in place, the process in place that makes sense to our team.”

Build a Clear Vision

Missi Carmen: “Raise your hand, ask the questions, and then build out what you want to do. But do it with a clear vision and then take that motivation and share it, because you'll be surprised about how many people might have had that same idea but didn't know how to bring it to life. Or maybe they see your vision and they want to adopt it or adapt to it, but you'll find that they might be inspired to see what you have to say and that you won't be spinning your wheels alone to make a difference.”

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