SYKES Improves Conversion Rates, Closed Wons, and Upsell Opportunities with 6sense

SYKES Enterprises, Inc., is one of the leading providers of customer experience and business process outsourcing. It’s a large, multifaceted organization with more than 65,000 employees in 66 locations across the globe. So it needs to be very strategic about collaboration, goal setting, and accountability across the board, but especially on the revenue team. Sales and marketing alignment is a major priority — and point of pride — for SYKES and they put a lot of work into keeping that collaboration front and center.

In order to further align on priorities between sales development representatives (SDRs) business development executives (BDEs), sales leaders, and the marketing team, SYKES needed insights and data to identify the best-fit accounts who were most likely to buy. And they needed a way to share that information with sales and marketing in an easily digestible, snapshot view.

6sense helps prioritize, align

In order to align all stakeholders on which accounts to prioritize, and how best to reach them with the right message at the right time, SYKES needed an effective and accessible account engagement platform. They began working with 6sense in April 2020. To provide that snapshot view of accounts, SYKES worked with 6sense to implement a custom dashboard that would make it easy for SDRs and BDEs to start their days with a clear understanding of which accounts were ripe for contact.

This dashboard was designed to help SDRs and BDEs plan their outreach, their pipeline, and their opportunities — allowing them to be proactive and strategic in how they spend their time. BDEs now focus on accounts that 6sense has identified as being in the decision and purchase stages. And by leveraging the deep insights 6sense provides into each account, SDR and BDE teams can now do their research, plan their cadences, and engage accounts in the most relevant and timely way possible.

As a large company with multiple services to offer, SYKES gained another benefit from the account-level snapshot view: the ability to see which accounts are likely to be interested in other features of the business. By using 6sense’s data to understand current accounts’ behavior and engagement — as well as who else they’re researching — the SYKES sales team has a better understanding of where to start the upsell conversation and how to move the conversation along faster.

The rollout

At a company SYKES’ size, rolling out new technology is no small undertaking. Missi Carmen, director of global marketing and digital strategy, took a thoughtful and measured approach to introducing 6sense to the team. She implemented the platform in phases, starting with the marketing strategy team. She then identified five sales beta users to undergo training and play with the platform for a few weeks so she could gather their feedback and insights before rolling it out to sales development representatives (SDRs), who are part of the marketing inside sales team. Missi worked aggressively on training and one-on-one meetings with the SDRs over the course of three months, again gathering insights and feedback along the way. This allowed Missi to gain a thorough understanding of how the platform worked to build success within the sales process. With that experience, it was easier to prove value, increasing the effectiveness of rolling it out to the sales team.

It was only then that Missi and her team introduced 6sense to the BDRs and sales leaders, launching with multiple thorough and well-designed kickoff meetings, phased training sessions, and homework to reinforce everyone’s learning. “The training sessions with the leaders and their teams, having the users really share their screens, share their insights, share their successes and questions has been, in my opinion, the most successful way to show usage and adoption,” Missi says. “By following that model, the last three sales leaders have had a lot of aha moments on our calls where they didn't know that that was happening in an account, or they changed their approach on a strategy.”

More closed wons, better conversations, stronger conversions

The SDRs, BDEs and the sales team are very encouraged by the results they’ve seen since implementing 6sense. The prioritization, insights, and alerts are helping them start conversations with the right customers and the right time. And the results are clear: “We have the data and opportunities to show that the platform has contributed to closed wons, continued opportunities, and RFP insights,” Missi says.

6sense is also changing marketing’s approach to campaigns. When considering a campaign idea, they now use 6sense insights to decide whether and how to approach it. They look at accounts’ keyword research, buying behavior, and more to create the most effective campaigns possible. At the same time, 6sense is giving marketing a clearer picture of how the sales team functions day to day, what conversations they’re getting ready to have, and what support they can use from marketing to achieve the most success. And by shining a light on how the marketing’s efforts are contributing to closed deals, 6sense helps reinforce the trust and partnership between the two teams.

“We're using 6sense reports to tell the whole story of how marketing and sales move the needle together,” Carmen says.

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