PTC: Revving the ROI (Revenue Orchestration Intelligence) Engine

PTC is a global software company that transforms how companies create, operate, and service products.  On a mission to lead the digital transformation of marketing and meet the demands of an ever changing business environment, they were looking for a solution that combined account-intent programs with AI platforms to deliver a industry-leading digital experience that is customer-centric and provides value-led content at each interaction: resulting in pipeline growth. 

 An organization of their size, structure, and complexity has to be very thoughtful and methodical when it comes to evaluating new technology and it is important for PTC to work with vendors that can keep up with how quickly they, and their competitors, evolve. PTC has a strong marketing ops team with a ‘data-driven everything’ mentality and when it came to putting new tech into place, the PTC team put a tremendous amount of diligence into their research, going through evaluation processes with numerous vendors over the course of several months.

After careful consideration, PTC chose to simultaneously sign contracts with 6sense, Drift, and The combination of these three solutions empower the PTC sales and marketing teams and allows them to be smarter and faster in their outreach—and also to best deliver value with every single interaction. With their complete end-to-end solution up and running at full speed, they are successfully “printing pipeline”, as Mariana Cogan, SVP of Digital Marketing Strategy & Operations at PTC, has coined their engine.

Each of these platforms provides its own set of strengths to complete what PTC calls the ‘ROI Engine’, with ROI representing revenue, orchestration, and intelligence. 

  • 6sense identifies their VIP accounts’ and their activities, while also uncovering high intent whitespace accounts they need to be engaging with.
  • Drift, their conversational marketing platform, allows direct engagement to their B2B buyers through their chatbot, creating the right connections at the right time.
  • seamlessly integrates the sales team’s outreach and activities into PTC’s CRM, showcasing an ideal, proven pathway of what’s working, enabling them to assess deal health and leverage best practices for future efforts. 

Saima Rashid, VP of Field Analytics & Insights at PTC, explains, “It’s the combination of these three technologies that allows us to be smarter and faster in how we’re talking to people, and who we’re talking to, and allows us to deliver value at every interaction that we’re having.” 

Here are a few examples PTC shared that highlight the ROI engine in action, and the partner synergy at play:

  • 6sense highlighted a particular pharmaceutical company as in-market, and the PTC SDRs began their outreach, identifying eight contacts to which they wanted to start prospecting. One of the prospects noticed the outreach and visited the PTC website, where the Drift bot began to engage with them directly and established a connection. An opportunity was created within days, and captured and surfaced all deal data and activity as it progressed, providing key insights to the team as to the health of the deal based on previous best practices. 
  • Another instance of combining the power of these technologies started with a prospect coming to the PTC website and chatting with the Drift bot. Within five minutes, a demo was scheduled. While chatting with the prospect, the PTC rep went into 6sense to find that the account was in the purchase stage, identified the keywords being researched, and noticed there had been 25 anonymous website visits in the previous week. That insight allowed them to tailor their outreach and positioning accordingly. Along the way, continued to track how the deal was progressing, highlighting risks and health for full visibility across sales and marketing. The data and insights are not only extremely powerful, but also are being used to connect and engage with prospects in the right way, at scale. 

Deep Insights, Real Results

The PTC team also uses the combination of technologies to proactively inspect their existing pipeline. They’ve created a dashboard of deals slated to close within the quarter, and they overlay 6sense and data to see how many accounts are showing active signals and are in the Decision/Purchase buying stages. Alongside this, the team is able to leverage historical data from previous deals to assess overall deal health (i.e., how many externally engaged contacts they needed in previously successful deals, how many activities on average there are for previous closed-won deals, how many meetings need to take place and at what point, etc.). With all of this information, PTC builds an opportunity health score report that their sales leaders review on a regular basis and use to determine whether their sales reps are focused on the right accounts. 

The combination of 6sense, Drift, and has completely changed the way the PTC team looks at net-new business as well as their existing pipeline. The power of the data — combined with the whole revenue team working from a single source of truth — has driven tremendous business results for PTC and they can’t wait for what's next.

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